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The experts in the U.S Hispanic Market

The experts in the U.S Hispanic Market. PRESENTATION. Pay Per Click Search Engine. Who is Quepasa.Com. We are Spanish and English language Internet Portal community and a search engine initially targeting the U.S. Hispanic and Latin America markets.

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The experts in the U.S Hispanic Market

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  1. The experts in the U.S Hispanic Market

  2. PRESENTATION Pay Per Click Search Engine

  3. Who is Quepasa.Com • We are Spanish and English language Internet Portal community and a search engine initially targeting the U.S. Hispanic and Latin America markets. • We provide users with information, interactive content, and services which are valuable to the Hispanic community, such us a unique Search Engine that can provide millions of Spanish links with a Pay Per Placement tool incorporated, a Web Hosting, and Radio Quepasa, among many services.

  4. Our Mission To create a Brighter Future for Hispanics and Latin America by putting a World of Communication and Information at their fingertips via the Internet and to Become a True Destination Site for Spanish speaking users.

  5. Our Objectives • Become the Leading Brand Among U.S. Hispanic and Latin America market users • Provide the best service on the Search Engine and its Pay Per Placement tool • Achieve 30,000,000 monthly impressions by December 31, 2003 • Achieve more than 450,000 unique users per month by the year end • Establish a Distribution Alliance with potential companies and organizations

  6. Our Strategy • Capitalize on the Growth of Spanish language Internet users • Establish Quepasa.com Brand as the leading Spanish language Portal by focusing on the U.S. Hispanic and Latin America markets • Build traffic volume through aggressive targeted marketing • Build user loyalty by providing users with innovative Search Engine, Web Hosting, Content and features

  7. History and Background • Incorporated in June 1997 as Internet Century, Inc. • Provided Web Design and Web Hosting, Banner exchange services and Search Engine services • Name changed to Quepasa.com in December 1998 to reflect new mission • Quepasa.com Web Site was launched on December 1998

  8. Our Services • Search Engine powered by Quepasa.com (Vayala) with a Pay Per Placement tool • Free E-Mail developed by Quepasa.com. • Chat rooms • Message Boards (Forums) • News Service, original content and licensed content from AFP, EFE, and Notimex • Bilingual translator and Membership Login

  9. Sources of Revenue • Search Engine Pay Per Click • Advertising Revenues • E-commerce transactions

  10. Why is Search Engine Positioning so Important? • When done correctly, search engine positioning can generate a far better Return Of Investment than conventional forms of marketing and advertising such as direct mail, print ads and trade shows. • “Pay Per Click Search Engines have created more awareness for websites than all other advertising combined including banners, newspapers, television, and radio.” IMT Strategies

  11. What Is Pay-Per-Click? • Pay Per Click are search engines who charge you only for visitors who "click-through" to your web site.  • You can choose exactly which key phrases you want to be found under. • However, your competitors may also bid against you for the same phrases.

  12. One-Third of Hispanic Adults Have Made Internet Purchases in the Past Year

  13. Hispanics are More Likely To Access the Internet from Home

  14. Internet Access Is Increasing Rapidly for Hispanic Consumers

  15. Significant Players in the Hispanic Market

  16. Quepasa PPC Search Engine the Business Future • Quepasa PPC is the hottest marketing avenue to reach the Hispanic and Latin America Markets • Quepasa PPC works like an auction site where Web Site owners are bidding for top placement in our Search Engine based on key words • Quepasa PPC represents the real future of your business where you can get the best ROI (Return On Investment) rate

  17. States with Largest Hispanic MarketsStatistics Census Bureau 2004 • –        California ($198.5 billion) • –        Texas ($119.3 billion) • –        Florida ($63.7 billion) • –        New York ($56.6 billion) • –        Illinois ($31.3 billion) • –        New Jersey ($26.1 billion) • –        Arizona ($20.9 billion) • –        Colorado ($15 billion) • –        New Mexico ($13.7 billion) • –        Georgia ($10.9 billion).

  18. Growing Hispanic Market • 13.7% of overall US Population is Hispanic (U.S. Census Bureau) • This surpasses any other minority category in the Census 2000 data • This equates to 39.7 million Hispanics in the marketplace. • Hispanic population will continue to grow much more rapidly that the non-Hispanic population. • By 2009, nearly one person out of every six living in the U.S. will be of Hispanic origin. • By 2010 the Hispanic buying power will exceed $1 Trillion.

  19. The Hispanic Trend US Hispanic Consumers A young set of consumers growing wealthier and numerous Hispanic Population Trends Hispanic are the nation’s largest minority group Hispanic Labor Force Hispanics account for nearly one-third of new workers Hispanic Wealth The new Middle Class in America Hispanic Education Graduation rates on the rise Hispanic Small Business Among minority groups, Hispanics own the most businesses Hispanics and Language Hispanics either speak English exclusively or are bilingual

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