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Types of car cover

Types of car cover

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Types of car cover

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  1. Types of car covers

  2. How do they Benefit protecting Your Vehicle ? The need for car coverrises, especially when you want to give extra protection to your vehicle. There is no doubt that the car covers can protect your vehicle against damages like UV rays, acid rain, sun adding, bird droppings and much more. But at the same time may become possibly damaging, when you fail to choose the right one.

  3. Types of Chevrolet Corvette Car covers The car covers for chevrolet corvette are basically categorized into three types. • Waterproof • Water resistant • Non-water resistant

  4. Waterproof Car cover Waterproof covers are plastic coated and hence they will keep rain off your car. But this type of cover will also trap condensation between the car body and cover, which may affect the paint and cause rust. However, this type of cover is best if you want to park your car in the garage.

  5. Water resistant The water resistant covers are breathable type and they are available in different types, fabrics and weights. Most of this type of covers will have ultraviolet screens woven into mesh, which helps to withstand sunlight degradation. Light weight and thin water resistant car covers are also available.

  6. Non-water resistant The third major type of cover will be non-water resistant, which are made from cotton or mix of cotton and polyester. They are available in regular cloth or flannel style. They are highly breathable, but not recommended to prevent water.

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