the world of hospitality n.
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The World of Hospitality PowerPoint Presentation
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The World of Hospitality

The World of Hospitality

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The World of Hospitality

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  1. The World of Hospitality • The word “hospitality” comes from the Latin word hospes, which means host or guest. • “Hospitality” has come to mean “meeting the needs of guests with kindness and goodwill.

  2. Hospitality Industry • The hospitality industry provides services to people away from home. • These services include: food lodging (a place to sleep)‏ recreation travel Sometimes the hospitality industry is called: travel and tourism industry or….. travel industry or…… tourism industry Basically… is a “people serving people” business---where service is the heart of the business!

  3. Size and Economic Impact • In the U. S., more than 18 million people work in this industry • 1 in every 8 jobs is in the Hospitality Industry • It is the 2nd largest employer • Examples of jobs: servers chefs hotel managers room attendents servers travel agents meeting planners tour operators restaurant managers catering directors theme park directors convention and visitor bureau workers

  4. Why is it important to our economy? • It generates more than 2 trillion dollars each year Look at these examples……… When people travel…they spend money…money is spent on transportation, food, lodging, entertainment, and gifts or souvenirs This money spent becomes wages for the employees, profits to the hospitality businesses and taxes for the government

  5. 4 Segments of the Hospitality Industry • Food and beverage • Lodging • Recreation • Travel and tourism

  6. Food and Beverage • These are businesses that prepare food for customers • Also called foodservice industry • They provide 50% of all meals eaten in the • United States today • It is the largest segment and employs over 11 million people

  7. Lodging • Lodging means a “place to sleep for 1 or more nights” • They vary from expensive to budget motels.

  8. Recreation • Any activity that people do for rest, relaxation, and enjoyment. • 4 types of recreation businesses: ----entertainment-movies, theatre, concerts ----attractions-places to visit ----spectator sports-watch others play ----participatory sports-take part in yourself

  9. Travel and Tourism • Travel part are businesses that move people from one place to another---bus, trains, airplanes, etc. • Tourism part are businesses that organize and promote travel and businesses---travel agencies, cruise companies, etc.

  10. 2 Main Reasons that People Travel • Pleasure or Leisure Travel----- done for relaxation and rest—to visit family • Business Travel---what people do as part of their jobs----employer pays for all of the travel, lodging, food expenses. (The average is about 1,022 miles per trip)‏ Businesspersons take about 208 million trips each year

  11. Business Structures-2 Main Structures in the Hospitality Industry • Single Unit----has 1 location and 1 unit Also is called an independent business It is not connected with any other business. The owner is responsible for all decisions. Sometimes we refer to this as a “mom and pop” place.

  12. The other main structure: • Multiple Unit---is a business that has more than 1 location or more than 1 location 2 types: 1)Chain----has more than 1 location under the same name Example: Olive Garden 470 all owned by same company 2)Franchise---the right to do business using the brand and products of another business Examples: McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Subway, Burger King