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DELTA Smart House

DELTA Smart House

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DELTA Smart House

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  1. DELTA Smart House Mark Younger 2.13.2004 Duke University

  2. Scope - Educating the student through hands-on, outside the classroom, team-oriented, project-based learning - Differentiator: students live in house, continually updating it with new ideas and technologies while experiencing the effects of their own designs

  3. Research Research within the DELTA Smart Home will benefit home occupants within the three E’s: Energy & Efficiency, Environment & Health, and Entertainment & Communications Simultaneously, the fourth E, Education, will be evident in all aspects of the project as we seek to educate first the student and secondly the consumer

  4. Benefits to Departments Augment Curriculum Cross-Disciplinary Project Mgmt & Communications Experience Publications & Publicity Relationships with Corporations Potential Intellectual Property

  5. Benefits to Community Sustainability / LEED Test Bed Educational Outreach High Profile

  6. 2003 2004 2005 Timeline

  7. Student Examples

  8. Remote Patient Monitoring System DELTA Smart House Neil Abraham February 13,2004 Neil Abraham February 13,2004

  9. Our Vision the freedom to observe at anytime, anywhere.

  10. Our Vision Visiting hours have just been extended.

  11. system overview ƒ Internet „ ‚ … Windows PC EKG  ? PDA Cell phone PC Patient “Server”-side implementation “Client”-side consumption

  12. phase one  EKG Patient • Patient hooked up to EKG • Heart rate the source of data

  13. phases two - four ƒ „ ‚ Internet Windows PC • 2: Patient’s vital signs sent to PC • 3: Data extracted from EKG software • 4: Patient’s data exposed as a Web service to the Internet

  14. phase five Internet … ? PDA Cell phone PC Data can be accessed from any Net-enabled device, allowing real-time monitoring of the patient.

  15. system overview ƒ Internet „ ‚ … Windows PC EKG  ? PDA Cell phone PC Patient “Server”-side implementation “Client”-side consumption

  16. benefits • Real-time patient monitoring • Low-cost implementation • Software runs on existing, legacy infrastructure • High ROI, hospitals provide better healthcare • Doctors make fewer rounds • End-users have the ability to monitor loved ones anytime, anywhere

  17. Want to Help? • BME Professors/ Medical Instrumentation experts • CS Professors/Web services/.NET experts • Patenting Email:

  18. Adaptive Filtering PROBLEM: Background noise from within bandpass range are remain, such as the stereo or television SOLUTION: Adaptive filters • SPECIFICATIONS • TMS320C67x TI DSK • x6711, x6713 • MATLAB • STEREO cable • speakers, microphone • REQUIREMENTS • Real-time application • Reference signal

  19. LMS Algorithm The adaptive filter, W, is adapted using the least mean-square algorithm, which is the most widely used adaptive filtering algorithm. First the error signal, e[n] , is computed as e[n] =d[n] −y[n] , which measures the difference between the output of the adaptive filter and the output of the unknown system. On the basis of this measure, the adaptive filter will change its coefficients in an attempt to reduce the error. LMS block diagram REFERENCE:

  20. Data Flow • Texas Instruments DSP • TMS320C6711, x6713 • Code Composer Studio v2.0 • C code, compiled and assembled for TI chip

  21. Anti-Aliasing A programmable digital low pass filter is used for anti-aliasing. FREQUENCY DEVICES 844 Series Digitally Programmable 4-Pole Active Filter Fs = 10kHz, so the anti-aliasing frequency should be set at 5kHz (Fs/2) A 4-Pole Low Pass Butterworth filter is created by setting DIP switches to 00110001b Measurements show the filter working with a cutoff of 5.033kHz

  22. DELAY

  23. Hudson Lab 01-A Data

  24. Current Issues Recent Problems & Solutions -No coherence for room analysis computer sound card the problem? Pursuing MATLAB analysis and RTDX channels -Multithreading / Parallell Processing do we need two cards / chips?

  25. Architectural Design

  26. Electricity Monitoring Group Goals: -log and display electricity usage for every circuit in the house -create a portable monitoring system that can log and display data for a single device -be able to network all this information together -create a website that will display graphs of electricity use that can then be added to the DELTA home page Plan: -acquire (purchase/donation) a system to monitor the whole house -build a portable monitoring station from scratch

  27. GOALS: • Choosing pollutant-free building materials • Ensuring adequate ventilation and thorough filtration • Monitoring & Reporting Pollutant Levels Indoor Air Quality • HEALTH CONCERNS: • Indoor air pollutant levels are generally 2-5 higher than outdoor air pollutants, and in some cases 100 times higher. • EPA Studies have shown that people spend as much as 90% of their time indoors • Standard air control systems in residential areas are typically only about 15% effective, and only affect dust and other large particles. Radon

  28. Media-on-Demand System Movies/ Music Stored Playback of any media file Playback of any media file TV Recordings Stored

  29. Photovoltaics BP solar panels • Ultimate goal: Maximize cost efficiency, produce 15% house energy • Considerations: • Maximize efficiency • Angle of panels • Location in non-shaded area (drastic drop if shaded) • Technologies • Flat panels • expensive, more powerful w/ no shade • Thin film • Less expensive, Less power unless shaded, bulky • Aesthetically pleasing • Purpose • power lighting and devices with low energy consumption • Laptop recharging • Grid connection and storage • Converter, Disconnect switch, Meter • Batteries, Inverters • Schematic of connected system with solar hot water heater and Thin film laminated roof

  30. Water: ~ Rain water catchment and purification ~ Grey water purification and reuse ~ Water conservation - low-flow toilets - faucet aerators and low- flow showerheads - water efficient appliances Environmental Initiatives: ~ Sewage reduction ~ Constructed wetland - Water Purification - Sewage Reduction ~ Roof-top garden ~ Water conservation awareness ~ Gray water heat recovery ~ LEED Standards Water Catchment and Purification

  31. LED Lighting in Smart House • Key Benefits of LED Lights •    Lasts up to 100,000 hours •   Cost saving on maintenance •   More energy efficient •   Design Flexibility •   Superior Color range •   Robust solid state technology •   Dynamic color control •   Fully Dimmable •   No Mercury content •   Low heat and UV output •   Cold start capable •   Low voltage operation Pictures from

  32. Building Materials • Energy efficient insulation • Green roof • Recycled and salvaged materials

  33. Solar Air Conditioning System • 4kw Flat Plateat Exchanger Ammonia Absorption

  34. Other 1. Fiber Optic Lighting 2. RFID Tracking 3. Improved Fire Detection Reporting 4. Permaculture Garden 5. Grey-Water Heat Recovery 6. Home Automation 7. Structural Foundation Monitoring (cracks & moisture)

  35. Why bother? Georgia Tech: Aware Home UPenn: Weiss Tech House Carnegie Mellon: Intelligent Workplace MIT: Project Aire Columbia: Biosphere 2

  36. DELTA Project Duke University