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Making Things Work

Making Things Work

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Making Things Work

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  1. Making Things Work Simple Machines 4th grade

  2. Georgia Performance Standards Types of Simple Machines Organizer Inclined Plane types of inclined planes Wedge types of wedges Levers types of levers Screws types of screws Pulleys types of pulleys Wheels and axles types of wheels and axles Other Types of Simple Machines Simple Machines in Our Homes Simple Machines at Work Pulleys and Inclined Planes Levers Resources How Do You Move a Lion? Closing Slide Table of Contents

  3. Georgia Performance Standard • S4P3. Students will demonstrate the relationship between the application of a force and the resulting change in position and motion on an object. • a. Identify simple machines and explain their uses. (lever, pulley, wedge, inclined plane, screw, wheel and axle)

  4. Types of Machines

  5. Inclined Plane • An inclined plane is a flat surface set at an angle to another surface. Where do you find inclined planes? How might you use an inclined plane?

  6. Inclined Plane An inclined plane is used to make moving things up and down easier. Inclined planes are ramps, slides, and stairs; many others, too.

  7. Wedge • A wedge is two inclined planes stuck back to back. A wedge is wide at one end and tapers to a point at the other. Where might you find wedges? How might you use a wedge?

  8. Wedge Wedges are used to separate things by cutting, piercing, or splitting the objects. Knives, doorstops, saws and scissors are all types of wedges.

  9. Levers • A lever is a bar that moves on or around a fixed point. Where do you find levers? How can you use a lever?

  10. Levers Levers, levers everywhere! A lever is used for raising or moving heavy objects. See-saws, push bars, hammers, bottle openers, and pop-tops on soda cans are all levers!

  11. Screw • A screw is an inclined plane that curves around a pole. Where do we find screws? How do we use screws?

  12. Screw A screw is used to hold things together. Screws are all around us! Bottle tops, bolts, and even the end of light bulbs are all types of screws!

  13. Pulley • A pulley is a rope over a wheel. It changes the direction of the force you use. Where do we find pulleys?

  14. Pulley A pulley makes it easier to move objects up, down, and across a long distance. The more pulleys you combine, the less force you need to move an object. A flagpole is a type of pulley.

  15. Wheel and Axle • A wheel and axle is a machine that has a bar through the middle of a wheel. Where do we find wheels and axles? Why do we use wheels and axles?

  16. Wheel and Axle When the wheel is turned, the axle turns, too. Doorknobs, tape dispensers, pencil sharpeners, and automobiles all use wheels and axles.

  17. Other Examples of Simple Machines

  18. Simple Machines in Our Houses Annie’s House Anthony’s House

  19. Simple Machines at Work Pulleys and Inclined Planes

  20. More Simple Machines at Work Levers

  21. Resources Websites • • • • • Books • Simple Machines by Allan Fowler • The Wheeling and Whirling Around Book by Judy Hindley • How Do You Lift a Lion? By Robert E. Wells (see the book cover on the next slide) Back to table of contents

  22. Don’t you just Simple Machines?!