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Colour Blocking VS Merchandising By Size PowerPoint Presentation
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Colour Blocking VS Merchandising By Size

Colour Blocking VS Merchandising By Size

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Colour Blocking VS Merchandising By Size

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  1. COLOUR BLOCKING VS MERCHANDISING BY SIZE There seems to be more and more charity shops that merchandise women’s clothing by colour not size. Whilst many people might agree that colour blocking looks attractive, some would argue that their customers want their clothing offers to merchandise by size. Of course logically to merchandise by size would be the most efficient way to display the stock in a shop, with a customer able to approach their size section, look

  2. through and see if anything catches their eye. The drawback to it is that the customer will only look at their size section and then move on from the clothing department. What lends itself well to colour blocking is that charity shops are full of unique items and displaying by colour gets the customer to look through more of the stock and because we only have one of everything, the female customer is more likely to try the item on even if it’s not their usual size. This then hopefully results in more purchasing because depending on your shops footfall we want customers to spend as much time in our store looking at our different products than being in and out very quickly. COLOUR BLOCKING Pros– Looks visually attractive Easy to maintain Still flexible, irrespective of the stock Encourages multiple purchases The customer will look through more of the stock Creates strong seasonal look – switching between the s/s and a/w colour palette Pleasing to the eye – looks less overwhelming for the customer. Cons – Makes it a slower process for a customer to find an item that fits Have to ensure that clothing is sized very clearly Would mean a changing room is vital – if a customer has been tempted to try on something that doesn’t fit.

  3. SIZE MERCHANDISING Pros – Makes it quick and easy for the customer to find something that fits Makes the experience of those lunch time shoppers/ window shoppers more appealing and more likely to turn into a quick sale Could increase repeat custom to those who enjoy shopping by size Cons – Prevents a customer from looking through the entire stock and maybe buying something they might not have usually bought Makes merchandising difficult in case there is a lack in stock of certain size Doesn’t make a merchandising impact Overall it seems that colour blocking creates the most visually attractive shops and brings out the best in so many clothing items, it’s probably only items like trousers and jeans that require size merchandising for ease of shopping. A female customer is more set of knowing their trouser size and is less likely to want to spend time trying of different sizes of them. A well colour blocked shop encourages customers to look through more of the stock on display and encourage purchasing of items that might not have been seen in a size merchandised shop. Source: