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  2. Engineering Tom Becker and Ed Jones Thwaits Fellows Graduate Programs in Engineering Graduate Programs Coordinator Joyce Taylor 651-962-5756 St Thomas

  3. Flexibility Experienced Classmates Experienced Faculty A Personal Commitment to the student

  4. Programs • Graduate • Systems Engineering • Manufacturing Engineering • Mechanical Engineering • Software Engineering • Technology Management • Regulatory Science • Medical Device Development & • Other Certificate Programs • Undergraduate • Mechanical Engineering • Electrical Engineering

  5. Camille George – PhD Minnesota (Thermodynamics & Sustainable Energy) Chris Greene – PhD MIT (Control Systems and Digital Control) John Abraham – PhD Minnesota (Heat Transfer & Computational Fluid Flow) Don Weinkauf – PhD Texas-Austin (Polymer Materials) Ron Bennett – PhD Minnesota (Manufacturing, Metallurgy) Mike Hennessey – PhD Minnesota (System Dynamics & Modeling) Ann Marie Thomas – PhD Cal Tech (Machine Design and Robotics) Kaye Smith – PhD Stanford (Rheology and Polymer Materials) Greg Mowry – PhD Minnesota (Sustainable Power Systems & Optics) Ramesh Rajagopalan – PhD Syracuse (Remote Sensing & Networks) John Wentz – PhD Illinois-Urbana (Sustainable Manufacturing) Jim Ellingson – PhD Minnesota (Embedded Systems & Machine Design) This is Engineering @ St Thomas: Our Faculty Contact : School of Engineering University of St Thomas 2115 Summit Ave. - Mail OSS101 St Paul, MN 55105 (651) 962-5750

  6. Engineering Bob Monson Anton Beck Neill Radke Key Systems Engineering Faculty St Thomas

  7. Systems EngineeringUST Definition Systems Engineering may be defined as a creative human activity in which engineers design and develop complex interconnections of devices, sub-systems, and components to meet human needs. The activity involves, in general, the following: • Determination of the need • Developing possible basic conceptual designs • Determination of what existing devices and systems might meet the need • Development of the requirements that such a system must meet • Development of testing and validation procedures • Development of maintenance, upgrading, and improvement of the system • Planning effective means for disposal and recycling of components at an appropriate time

  8. Program Objectives • To prepare engineers and related technical professionals for a career in systems engineering. • To prepare engineers who demonstrate lifelong learning, ethical behavior, sensitivity to cultural needs in the design and development of systems, and inclusion of people from traditionally underrepresented groups.

  9. Program Outcomes Graduates of the program must demonstrate these abilities and skills: • the skills needed for design including problem formulation and solving, creativity, synthesis, analysis, team skills, economic analysis, decision-making, and communication. • the ability to integrate ideas from a variety of sources in order to create systems that meet desired needs. • the skills needed to employ empirical methods including the design, fabrication, and execution of experiments, and the reporting and interpretation of results. • an ability to perceive the interconnections between seemingly diverse fields of human endeavor • the ability to recognize, articulate, and act in accordance with the highest standard of ethical, professional, and social behavior.

  10. Systems Engineering 16 Credit Certificate en route to Masters degree Financial Elective: Tech Management & Other Students Managerial Performance Human Aspects Elective: Project Management Human Factors in Tech Management Leadership Technical Electives from Manufacturing Engineering Mechanical Engineering Software Engineering Opus College of Business Intro Systems Engineering 507 Simulation Elective 777/789 Systems Design 508 Technical Elective Verification & Validation 509 Technical Elective Financial Elective 505/661 Engineering Project 881/882 Human Aspects Elective 601/670/671 Capstone Course 858 Leadership for a Lifetime I 550 Leadership for a Lifetime II 650 Leadership for a Lifetime III 850 Systems Development Certificate (16 cr) 36 credits

  11. Admission Criteria • A baccalaureate degree in engineering, computer science, physics, chemistry, biological science, mathematics, or statistics with an overall GPA of 3.0/4.0 or 3.5/4.0 in the last 60 semester hours prior to graduation. Three years of relevant work experience is expected. All applicants will be interviewed. • Other applicants holding baccalaureate degrees, including engineering technology degrees, will be considered on a case-by-case basis. GRE scores and interviews will be required. • Support letters from managers of applicants will be required. • Students not meeting all requirements are encouraged to apply and will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

  12. Degrees and Active Student Mix in ENGR Grad Program Active Students in Grad Program Revenue: 103 M$ Alumni Degrees Fall 2010

  13. Where our Students are Employed: • 101 total employers

  14. Growth in Engineering @ St Thomas 443 undergrads majoring in ENGR 1 in 10 Freshmen at UST take Intro to Engineering 3rd largest engineering school in the state 1000+ ENGR Alumni 101 Employers supporting over 300 grad students Systems Engineering added in 2007. undergraduate graduate

  15. Growth in Grad Engineering @ St Thomas highest enrollment in 25 year history of graduate engineering program Spring/Fall 2010 Grad Student Admissions highest in history. Over 45 masters students studying Systems Engineering Fall 2009: Added 2 new masters tracks (Mech Engineering & Regulatory Science )

  16. 3M Thwaits Fellow Program 3.6 M$ Endowment designed to inject industrial leaders into the Engineering educational experience @ St Thomas Dr. Bob Monson – Lockheed Martin

  17. Senior Design Clinic @ St Thomas May 6th 2011 … over the past 5 years, 62 industrial sponsored projects, … join us to see what is happening in Engineering@St.Thomas

  18. Engineering St Thomas