problems and how to solve them n.
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Problems, and how to solve them. PowerPoint Presentation
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Problems, and how to solve them.

Problems, and how to solve them.

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Problems, and how to solve them.

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  1. Problems, and how to solve them. By Alex Gauthier and Daymian Hogue

  2. What we’re dealing with Most, or at least some, people need to use technology daily. So some problems will occur, and these can be fixed relatively easy. Most of them deal with uploading files, or trying to deal with hardware. Here are some examples that we’ll deal with -Sharing large files -Playing a video in Powerpoint -Installing a router

  3. Sharing is caring Most people need to share information daily with other internet viewers, or simply share with friends or family. For starters, most people only need to share text data, such as a document or post. However there are some times that require much more data to be shared. For these situations, most people try to simply upload the files directly, causing slow upload and download times. However this can be solved simply. For text documents, it would be easy to simply compress the file(s) into one zipped file using such program such as WinRAR. For video files, changing the type of file could allow you to upload it easier, or you could find a transfer website that would allow you to compress the video. For audio files, again, changing the file type, though you would change it back later on, could save space.

  4. Youtube into powerpoints Need to put a youtube video that you made (or found) into a presentation? Solution is simple. First, download the video onto your computer, so you don’t require internet connection for later on. The original file source won’t be able to be played in the powerpoint, you need to save the file as AVI or WMV, then you can go directly into powerpoint and upload it there. Playback of the video is now possible.

  5. Router installation To install a router at your house, get the appropriate length of cable, go from your modem to the new router, after you get it out of the box of course! Then use an ethernet cord to your computer, install and/or download the software to operate the router, then go through settings and configure accordingly.

  6. Problems solved These problems are only a few of what really occurs daily with everything you may or may not do, but I can’t go over everything, because the presentation would never end. But it ends here from what we have given you. Hope it helps.