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  2. All Weather Sport

  3. SeasonDates • *SFYS does not always follow DoDDS calendar for vacations (Spring Break). • To avoid extending the season into PCS season, we must have games over Spring Break.

  4. Parents- How can you help? TeamParent BenchParent Ages 5-8 Maintains bench while coaches are on the field Must have a background check • Snack Schedule • Players names on jerseys • Set up team page (e.g. Facebook, Team Snap) • Help coaches with communication • Pictures • Organize End of Season Party (All items are optional)

  5. Practices Days Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday Times 1700-1800 1800-1900 1900-2000 Locations North: Courtney, Courtney PX, McT Central: Foster (8 fields)/Futenma South: Kinser Medical/BK Field *Field maps can be found on the Youth Sports website

  6. Practice Schedule Coach’s availability - Field availability/ Dimensions

  7. Practice Schedule Coach’s availability - Field availability/ Dimensions

  8. When and Where are Games Saturdays - 0900 – 1800 Week nights - 1800 – 2000 All teams will travel North Courtney/McT “N” South Kinser “S” Central Foster/Futenma “C”

  9. Attending Practices and Games Minimum Playing time Child supervision Spectator side No Pets on or around Water bottles Flag conditions Colors

  10. Game/Practice Cancellations Reasons: • Lightning in the immediate area • Heavy/prolonged rain • Conflicting events • Forfeit/ PW-Termite • Poor Sportsmanship When: (may occur at anytime) • One week prior, minutes before or during a game Cancelations will be posted on

  11. Rescheduling Games Week 5 RainoutGames - 20 Rescheduledgames starting week 10

  12. Playoffs • Only for divisions age 9 and older. • Single-Elimination • All games will be centralized, meaning playoff games will be scheduled in the Foster area only. • First and second place trophies will be awarded.

  13. Uniforms Shorts Numbered Jerseys Shin Guards Socks These are the only uniform authorized during games. • Exchange uniforms as a set. • Equipment • All exchanges will be done at the Youth Sports Office (Camp Foster building 5952) • Embroidering: First or last name only

  14. What does my child need?

  15. Soccer Cleats Front Cleat No Cleat = Soccer No metal cleats What’s the difference: This type of stud often is found on baseball, football and lacrosse cleats because it helps players gain more traction on the field. Why is it not allowed? As players attempt to take the ball from one another, a front cleat is in a prime position to cause injury to the feet, shins and knees of other players.

  16. PeeWee & Termite (5-8) FIFA Laws • Shin guards under socks The following items and shoes are not authorized: • (c) Any shoe that has been modified from its original design. • (d) Hard accessories on the body such as beaded hair, hard cast, and jewelry. • (e) Prescription glasses or goggles must have a strapthat wraps around the head. Youth Sports Bylaws (17/18) Undershirts, socks & beanies(5-8) • (a) All undershirts do not have to match. No hoods and all jerseys must be tucked in. (It is not mandatory for all players to wear any of the items above). • (b) Same color socks. • (c)Beanies of any color, snug fitting and flat on top.

  17. Minor – Junior (9 – 15) Youth Sports Bylaws (13) Undershirts and socks • (a)Undershirts: If worn, shall be solid color and the same color shall be worn by teammates; the player not matching will be asked to remove the item worn. (It is not mandatory for all players to wear any of the items above). • Example for 15: If Jimmie wears an undershirt and Jon also wears an undershirt, they both need to have a matching solid color. • They can be black, white or a color that matches the jersey. They may not wear anything with a hood and all jerseys must be tucked in. Beanies may be worn, but they must be a solid color and flat on top. • (b) All socks must match. If your team chooses to wear multi colored socks, they must be the same color and pattern.

  18. Sportsmanship Lead by example Children will follow the parents and coaches example. We want to set a good one.

  19. Coaches Role Coaches Coach • Be on time to practices and games • Provide a safe and fun learning environment • Teach the fundamentals • Promote good sportsmanship • Maintain communication with parents • Conduct themselves appropriately during a game • Ensure minimum playing time (half the game). This does not mean equal play time for all players.

  20. Players Role Players Play • Be on time to practices and games with proper attire and equipment • Demonstrate good sportsmanship • Be respectful to coaches, officials, teammates, and opponents

  21. Parents Role Parents Cheer • Positive reinforcement and please refrain from coaching from the sideline • Have athletes on time to practices and games, as well as picking them up on time • Communicate to coaches if they will be late or absent • Proper attire and equipment for games and practices

  22. Officials Role Referees are critical to soccer- the game can’t be played without them • No. 1 priority is to keep the game safe, fair and fun for the players, coaches and spectators • Enforce the Laws of the Game as deemed appropriate based on the “Spirit of the Game” and the intensity of play. Keep it all about the kids

  23. Age Divisions

  24. Age Verification • The purpose of age verification is to ensure your young athlete is place in the appropriate age division. • They may advance to the next age division; providing they are within a year of the desired age division. • They may not play down

  25. Request/Switching Teams DPS/Single Parents (granted if available) Ages 5-8 (will be considered, not guaranteed) 9 and up (skill level before requested practice days and time) Siblings (match with older sibling if available) Coaches (no request)

  26. Balanced Teams • Prevent blow-outs • Stacked teams • Valuable learning experiences for everyone • Based on the information provided by parents • Courtney/Kinser

  27. Team Composition Registration Form 5-8

  28. Skill Level

  29. Team Composition cont.

  30. Who are our Coaches? Parent ActiveDuty

  31. Volunteer Fueled Our volunteers are a vital part of our program Parents Active duty Dependents Retired GS NAF Contractors Teachers etc. Volunteer Coaches will be new to seasoned and anything in-between

  32. Badges New Policy Cleared Not Cleared Black Red

  33. Who are the Officials? • Referees start at age 12 • RISA (Ryukyu International Soccer Association) • Governed by FIFA Laws (Federation Internationale de Football Association)

  34. Referees Youth sports referees across the US are quitting because: A shrinking pool of youth sports referees has become a national crisis, with 80 percent of officials quitting after two years because of parents and coaches. In South Carolina, 70 percent of new officials in youth soccer do not return after their first year, according to the SC Referee Association. March 29, 2018, 10:45 PM TST / Source: TODAY By Scott Stump

  35. Approaching Yourapproach: • A friendly approach and polite comment or question will draw a similar response. • Missed calls during a youth sports game. Please understand we all make mistakes and referees are no different. They want to do right by the players and parents, but mistakes will be made. • Therefore, approach all referees in a calm respectful manner. • Please be mindful of what you are saying to referees, some of them are teenagers.

  36. If you need assistance Please contact our office If you have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact our office. We are here for you and want to help in any way we can. Please do not wait to contact us, as soon as you have a concern please call or email our office.

  37. Contact us Office and Warehouse Hours Monday – Friday 730-1630 Office Location Camp Foster- Semper Fit Warehouse (Bldg. 5952) DSN Office 645-3533/34 Local Phone 098-970-3533/34 Email: Facebook Page: MCCS Okinawa – Sports & Wellness Website: