research is expensive n.
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Research is Expensive PowerPoint Presentation
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Research is Expensive

Research is Expensive

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Research is Expensive

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  1. Research is Expensive

  2. Research for the People • The NIH invests over $31.2* billion annually in medical research for the American people. • More than 80% of the NIH's funding is awarded through almost 50,000 competitive grants to more than 325,000 researchers at over 3,000 universities, medical schools, and other research institutions in every state and around the world. • About 10% of the NIH's budget supports projects conducted by nearly 6,000 scientists in its own laboratories, most of which are on the NIH campus in Bethesda, Maryland.

  3. • New Budget • Budget history of each Institute from 1938 • Funding levels for diseases • Funded Organizations • Success rates

  4. Costs of common items


  6. Grant Budget

  7. Animal Studies/ per diem

  8. Grant Help • A collection of expert advice to help with your grant and funding challenges • Did you know that almost 80% of NIH grant applications don't get funded. Even worse, you have only two chances for the NIH reviewers to approve your grant proposal for funding. Getting grant money can truly be considered a war so you need to arm yourself with all the proper resources. • History teaches us that the most significant battles were won due to the fact they were well planned, staged, and executed. • We've spoken to hundreds of NIH grant reviewers, and almost all of them have told us that principal investigators must prepare themselves better when submitting proposals. Much like successful battles throughout history, victories were not based on hope, but rather on the significant time, effort, and resources that went into the strategic planning. • > SNEAK PEEK: Table of Contents> SNEAK PEEK: Study Section Insider: 5 Mistakes That Will Sink Your Grant> Only $189 (List Price $378), Order Online or Call 1-800-303-0129

  9. 5 Mistakes 1. The reviewers did not find your central scientific question interesting. 2. The preliminary data are weak, and call into question the feasibility of the proposal and the validity of your central hypothesis. 3. The proverbial house of cards: the overall success of the grant is dependent on the outcome of a key experiment, which has yet to be performed. 4. The scope of the project is too ambitious, with multiple hypotheses or rationales that pull the grant in disparate directions. 5. The PI and or research team lacks the experience to carry out the proposed work.

  10. Where to do Research Advantages Disadvantages • Your Garage • Industry • Basic Science • Medical • Government Labs

  11. Your Garage Advantages Disadvantages Independent No equipment Come and go No salary Any idea No guidance patent pay lawyers

  12. Industry (pharma) Advantages Disadvantages Equipment Direction Salary Fired Money Sign work Discussion Their product

  13. Basic Science Advantages Disadvantages Some equipment Teach Salary meetings Some money Their patent students (cheap) Own Problems Start up money patent

  14. Medical Advantages Disadvantages Some equipmentLittle money MD’s Little salary Patients No workers Own ideas MD’s Own time no meetings

  15. Government Labs Advantages Disadvantages Equipment Directed Salary Beholden to Congress Discussion Techs

  16. Drug Companies • Bioassay • Concentrate compound of interest • Determine structure • Synthesize • Derivatize or modify to maximize affect • Animal studies • Clinical studies • 10 years $400-$800 million.

  17. Natural Product Chemist • Organic Chemist • Isolate and identify active compounds in nature • Chromatography • Spectroscopy • Synthesize