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SC – A3

CNC-CIGRE Study Committee Meeting October 19, 2008 Winnipeg CIGRÉ SC – A3 High-Voltage Equipment Hubert Mercure Hydro-Québec / IREQ. SC – A3

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SC – A3

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  1. CNC-CIGREStudy Committee MeetingOctober 19, 2008WinnipegCIGRÉ SC – A3 High-Voltage EquipmentHubert MercureHydro-Québec / IREQ

  2. SC – A3 Mission of the Study CommitteeThe mission of Study Committee A3 is to facilitate and promote the progress of engineering and the international exchange of information and knowledge in the field of high voltage equipment, and to add value to this information and knowledge by means of synthesizing state-of-the-art practices and developing recommendations.

  3. SC – A3 Scope • Responsible for the theory, design, construction, and application of high voltage equipment components, equipment, and equipment systems for both AC and DC systems • Equipment: all devices for switching, interrupting, or limiting currents(CB, load/ disconnect/ earthing switches, FCL, etc.) independent of technology ( also includes surge arresters, capacitors, busbar and equipment insulators, instrument transformers, bushings, and all other high voltage equipment not specifically covered under another equipment study committee’s scopes ) • Emphasis is on function and interaction of high voltage equipment

  4. SC – A3 Study Committee Membership • The SC currently consists of a Chairman (Mark Waldron, UK), a Secretary (E. Kynast, GE), 24 Regular Members and 11 Observer Members. • The 24 countries represented by Regular Members • ( Australia, Austria, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Brazil, Canada, China, Croatia, Czech, France, Germany, Greece, India, Italy, Japan, Korea, Norway, Poland, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, The Netherlands, United Kingdom and United States ) • The constituents of the SC come from Utilities, Manufacturers and Universities/Institutes.

  5. SC – A3 Report on 8 activeWorking Groups WG A3.06 Reliability of HV equipment (worldwide utility survey) Membership (Convener: C.E. Sölver, SE) 25 members (1 corresponding) Canadian member (CM): William Bergman (PowerNex) Meetings April/March, 31-01, 2008 Lucerne, Switzerland October, 29-30, 2008 Seoul, Korea – Oct. 31st : 1 day tutorial Publication: CIGRE 2008, A3-109 “Influence of age one the reliability of HV equipment” WG plan for 2009: Electra report and TB

  6. SC – A3 Report on Working Groups WG A3.15Non Conventional Instrument Transformers Membership: (Convener: P. Tantin, Fr) Original WG: 17 members (2 corresponding) Canadian member: Farnoosh Rahmatian (NxtPhase) Draft Brochure (dated 1999) being revised by special task force Publication: target for TB, 2009

  7. SC – A3 Report on Working Groups WG A3.17 Surge Arresters (MOSA energy duty) Membership (Convener: B. Richter, CH) 20 members (3 corresponding) Canadian member: Jack H. Sawada (Eng. Consulting Services) Meetings March 2008, Switzerland Joint C4/A3 in May 2008, Croatia (“Lighting protection of MV & LV networks”) August 2008, Paris Publication: CIGRE 2008, A3-309 (research project report) “Energy handling capacity of HV metal-oxide surge arresters”

  8. SC – A3 Report on Working Groups WG A3.21 Application of Non-ceramic Insulators (Polymeric insulation for MV-HV-UHV apparatus) Membership (Convener: M. De Nigris, IT) 29 members (6 corresponding) Canadian member: Duc Hai Nguyen (IREQ) Meetings May 2008, Italy August 2008, Paris Publication: TB final draft being circulated for editing

  9. SC – A3 Report on Working Groups WG A3.22 UHV Equipment (Technical requirements for equipment > 800kV) Membership (Convener: H. Ito, JP) 34 members (9 corresponding) Canadian member: David Peelo (D. Peelo & Associates) Yvon Filion (Hydro-Québec TransÉnergie) Meetings (2008) February, Germany / April and June, China / September, Paris Publication: CIGRE 2008, A3-211 ( recommendation to IEC TC17A ) “Technical Requirements for UHV substation equipment” Publication: TB & Electra paper submitted

  10. SC – A3 Report on Working Groups WG A3.23 Application & feasibility of FCL in power systems (guidelines and selection of FCL) Just started Membership (Convener: H. Schmitt, DE) 30 nominated members (22 selected for approval) Canadian member (proposed): C. Edwards ( BPA) Meetings Kick off in Sept. 2008, Germany/ next, yet TBD Joint WG with D1 considered (Testing of FCL)

  11. SC – A3 Report on Working Groups WG A3.24 Simulating internal arc & current withstand testing (Internal arc – Temperature rise behavior) Just starting Membership (Convener: M. Kriegel, CH) 21 members (9 corresponding) approved Canadian member: none Meetings August 2008, Paris / TBD (2009)

  12. SC – A3 Report on Working Groups (new) WG A3.XX Influence of shunt capacitor banks on circuit breaker fault interruption duties (Proposed by Canada) Membership(Convener: Anne Bosma, SE) TBD Canadian members (proposed): Yvon Filion (Hydro-Québec TransÉnergie) TBD (BC Hydro) Meetings TBD (possible joint interest with B3)

  13. SC – A3

  14. SC – A3 Report on Advisory Groups • AG A3.01 Strategic Planning (M. Waldron, UK) • AG A3.02 Tutorials (D. Peelo, CA) • David Peelo presented a list of past and planned tutorials at the 2008 Paris Session. • Peelo will continue as the convener of the Tutorial AG for a couple more years • A3 is probably the most active CIGRÉ SC when it comes to tutorials • Meeting: Planned for 31st October 2008, the WG will arrange a one-day tutorial in Seoul, in connection • with the Seoul International Electric Fair : • “Reliability of HV equipment” (survey and intermediate results) • Further tutorial planned in connection with the SCA3 meeting and Colloquium 2009 in Cape Town.

  15. SC – A3 Tutorials (2008-2010)

  16. SC – A3 • CIGRÉ 2010 Preferential Subjects (PS) • (proposed for discussion) • Development in HV equipment to cater for increasing system demands • Lifetime management of HV equipment • Prospects for commercial introduction of new technologies at high voltage • Environmental impacts of high voltage equipment (overlap possible with C3 & D1)

  17. SC – A3 • SC Next Meeting ( Colloquium 2009 ) • SC A3 is invited on behalf of the South AfricanNational Committee in combination with the 2009 Regional Conference, in the area of Cape Town, SA, jointly with SC B3 • Preliminary date: the week of August 17 – 21, 2009( Tutorials, Regional Meeting, Colloquium and SC meeting ) • The 2009 ISH will take place the following week (August 24-31, 2009).

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