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fuelling kids and adolescents

fuelling kids and adolescents. presented by simone allen. fuelling kids and adolescents. What is healthy eating? Portion Sizes & Sample Plans 4-7yrs 8-11yrs 12-18yrs Sometimes foods Healthy Snacks and Takeaways. www.nutritionworks.com.au. healthy everyday kids nutrition.

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fuelling kids and adolescents

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  1. fuelling kids and adolescents presented by simone allen

  2. fuelling kids and adolescents What is healthy eating? Portion Sizes & Sample Plans 4-7yrs 8-11yrs 12-18yrs Sometimes foods Healthy Snacks and Takeaways www.nutritionworks.com.au

  3. healthy everyday kids nutrition Variety of all food groups Appropriate portion sizes Regular meals and snacks High nutrient vs low nutrient Water – main fluid Guidelines for “sometimes” foods www.nutritionworks.com.au

  4. recommended serves • Breads & Cereals • 2 sl bread or 1 roll • 1 cup cereal/rice/pasta • Vegetables • ½ cup cooked • 1 cup salad • Fruit • 1 cup chopped fruit • 1 handful fruit • *dried fruit Source: Food for Kids, Dept Health, 2005 www.nutritionworks.com.au

  5. recommended serves • Dairy • 250ml milk/milk product • 40g cheese • 200g yoghurt • Meat and alternatives • 65-100g meat • ½ cup legumes • 2 eggs Source: Food for Kids, Dept Health, 2005 www.nutritionworks.com.au

  6. www.nutritionworks.com.au

  7. www.nutritionworks.com.au

  8. www.nutritionworks.com.au

  9. www.nutritionworks.com.au

  10. www.nutritionworks.com.au

  11. Year 7 Student • 3-4 Weetbix and 1 cup milk • Apple, 1 cup vegies (cherry toms, carrot and celery) and • Roll with chicken, cheese and salad • 220g creamed rice • 150g mince and 1 cup pasta and 1-2 cups salad • 1 cup fruit salad and 100-200g yoghurt example plans Year 2 Student 1 cup Mini wheats with 1 cup milk and ½ cup tinned peaches ½ punnet strawberries and 200g yoghurt Sandwich with ham and salad 1 sl fruit toast 65-80g meat and ½ cup rice and 1 to 1 ½ cups veg ½ cup banana and 1 cup custard www.nutritionworks.com.au

  12. Year 12 Student - male • 1 cup baked beans on 3-4 slices toast • Fruit, 200g yoghurt and 1-2 sl fruit bread • 2 sandwiches with roast beef, cheese and salad • 1 pkt 2 min noodles • 150g steak with 2 cups veg and 2 grainy dinner rolls • Fruit smoothie example plans Year 12 Student - female ½ cup raw muesli, 200g yoghurt and ½ cup berries 2 apricots and 1 Be Natural Trail Bar Mt bread wrap with tuna and salad 1 sl Café bread 100g meat and 1 cup noodles and 2 cups veg 1 Yoplait Le rice and chopped apple www.nutritionworks.com.au

  13. www.nutritionworks.com.au

  14. www.nutritionworks.com.au

  15. www.nutritionworks.com.au

  16. www.nutritionworks.com.au

  17. www.nutritionworks.com.au

  18. www.nutritionworks.com.au

  19. www.nutritionworks.com.au

  20. www.nutritionworks.com.au

  21. Other Dairy • Up & Go tetra paks • Sustagen Sport • Paddle Pop Moo ice cream • Rice • Heinz creamed Rice • Yoplait Le Rice • Fruit • Fresh fruit • Fruit tubs (~120-200g) healthy snacks Bars Be Natural Trail Bar Coles chewy muesli bar Uncle Toby’s chewy/crunchy muesli bar TastiFruitsies Yoghurt (Some Eg’s) Dairy Farmers Thick and Creamy – Light or 98% fat free Ski D’lite Yoplait nofat or lite Bulla Thick and Fruity Brownes Light Coles Lite www.nutritionworks.com.au

  22. Bakers Delight • Fruit Scroll • Apricot Delight Bun • Coffee and Date roll • Fit2Go Bar • Fruit/Date Scone healthy snacks Bread/Cereal Fruit/raisin bread Tip Top Café bread Fruit or plain English muffins with jam, honey or vegemite 3-4 pikelets with jam, honey or vegemite 1 cup Pretzels 1 cup cereal Eg: Miniwheats www.nutritionworks.com.au

  23. healthy takeaways Chicken Kebab with non creamy sauce Red Rooster Skinfree Baguette Subway 6% fat subs Nando’s Pita Pocket, Supremo Burger, spicy rice, corn cob or salad Sushi Japanese – skinless teriyaki chicken &steamed rice with salad Wokinabox – Wok Paks with Rice – Chicken with Chilli &Basil, Sweet Chilli or Teriyaki Chicken or Beef with Oyster sauce Sumo Salad: Thai Beef, Vietnamese chicken, Spicy Prawn, Chickpeas with Roast Pumpkin, Pumpkin &couscous, Rice Paper rolls, All soups &Beetroot &Balsamic salad www.nutritionworks.com.au

  24. in summary Encourage everyday healthy eating with a wide variety of foods Monitor portions sizes Encourage regular meals and snacks Encourage high nutrient snacks, meals and takeaways daily Encourage sometimes foods once per week and takeaway once per fortnight www.nutritionworks.com.au

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