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Poetry Analysis

Poetry Analysis. Resurrection F.R. Scott . Resurrection.

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Poetry Analysis

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  1. Poetry Analysis ResurrectionF.R. Scott

  2. Resurrection • Christ in the darkness, dead,His own disaster hid.His hope for man, too soonSealed with the outer stone.This heaven was at hand,Men saw the promised land,Yet swiftly, with a nailMade fast the earlier rule.All saviors ever to beShare this dark tragedy;The vision beyond reachBecomes the grave of each.And that of him which roseIs our own power to chooseForever, from defeat,Kingdoms more splendid yet.Play Easter to this graveNo Christ can ever leave.It is one man has fallen,It is ourselves have risen.

  3. Theme • The theme of this poem is that all men have the right to ask for forgiveness and be accepted into heaven because of the sacrifice Jesus made.

  4. Resurrection Jesus died leaving hope for all men to have there sins forgiven and has bin left in a cave sealed by a great stone . Men are now able to go to heaven after asking for forgiveness . Anyone who says they are god will go to hell. It is up too you to chose what happens after death for u can always be forgiven. God sacrificed his son so if chosen all men can rise.

  5. Poetic Devices • Symbol = “sealed with the outer stone”

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