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NIST HL7 Message Maker

NIST HL7 Message Maker. VA MWB. ~13000 Elements (~1200 Unique). Data Sources. NIST HL7 Element DB (MS Access) [Static: Fixture Data] [Dynamic: Patterns] [Dynamic: Range] [Configuration: Site Specific]. HL7 V2 Profile (XML). Message Maker. Partially Populated for ADT Messages.

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NIST HL7 Message Maker

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  1. NIST HL7 Message Maker VA MWB ~13000 Elements (~1200 Unique) Data Sources NIST HL7 Element DB (MS Access) [Static: Fixture Data] [Dynamic: Patterns] [Dynamic: Range] [Configuration: Site Specific] HL7 V2 Profile (XML) Message Maker Partially Populated for ADT Messages • HL7 Test • Messages • Profile based • Structurally correct • Validated • Varied • Descriptive • Suitable basis for • conformance testing Message Factory (XSLT) NIST Ref. Data (XML) HL7 Standard DB HL7 Tables (XML) User Tables (XML) • Testing Options • Usage • Cardinality • Volume • Data Content • Length • etc. Testing Framework External Tables (XML) NIST Created (Configurable) Interface Module Robert Snelick September 2004

  2. NIST Conformance Testing • Reference Database of HL7 Data Items • Tool for automatic creation of test messages • based on profile (XML), reference database • message variation • Testing Framework • simulated HIS node • send and receive messages • validation (messages and state of the database)

  3. Reference Database • Contain sample entries for all HL7 data items • range of values • simple, complex, boundary, valid, invalid • XML format • some data created automatically • Tables • HL7 Tables • User Tables (HL7 suggested values) • User Tables (NIST created or actual) • Code Sets

  4. Message Maker • Creates test messages • based of profile • range of messages (minimal to fully populated) • variation of data values • valid and invalid • description of test purpose • Messages • Displayable as XML, ER7, Enhanced ER7 • Batch file (initially) • Can be edited

  5. Message Maker Features • User can create message “by-hand” (select data items from DB) • Edit existing messages • String messages together into test scenarios • Control granularity and test case types • Import database • Modify reference database

  6. Questions and Issues • How important is it to have “sensible” data (e.g., a pregnant male)? Syntactically? Semantically? • Are there cases where it is important? • What are the important aspects to test? Any known problem areas? • Sources of example data; table data? • Conformance schema—add to profile? • What features should be added? • Sample requirements list?

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