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  1. STREET ART Karishma Desai, Bianca Grafton, Molly McNamara, Annette Weber

  2. The Roots of Street Art • Has existed since the dawn of time as the cavemen painted pictures on the walls of their homes in the caves of Africa and Europe. • Before the Italians had the word Graffiti, people who have been leaving their marks on walls weren’t viewed as criminals – hailed as forebears of modern journalism. • The Romans have given us a great deal of insight into life in these ancient times b/c of graffiti. • 1980’s government cracked down on illegal tagging. • Today, street art has become an important part of • pop culture, and a well respected form of art.



  5. Internet Research • Diverse Followers • Broke all preconceived stereotypes • Billboard • Popular in Europe • Associated Brands

  6. Survey Findings Complex Inspiration is driven by mood, culture, current events Socially aware Value authenticity Respect Friends are Family Style reflects urban streetwear and skateboarding culture

  7. CREWEST 110 Winston Street Los Angeles, CA 90013

  8. raw materials436 S. Main Street Los Angeles, CA 90013 Raw Materials is an art supply store in Downtown Los Angeles that also offers custom framing and fine art printing, and has an online store. Montana Pocket Spray Cans Retail: $5.75 Located in the Arts District in Downtown Los Angeles. Store associate, Jason, stated the most commonly sold and requested supply by street artists is Montana Gold Cans. Spider Effect Spray Paint Retail: $10.75

  9. Product and Brand Placement Shepard Fairey Mister Brainwash Space Invader Banksy

  10. ETHNOGRAPHY • Bold • Synonymous with urban culture • Hipster persuasion • Flair • Spray paint & Acrylic • Anonymous

  11. Concept: Bar influenced by Street Art Culture • Live DJ • Gallery on surrounding walls • Section for wall painting by bar customers

  12. Los Angeles Street Art Tour Guides Not only for the tourists but also for the people who live here Banksy’s Latest on Hollywood Blvd. Price : Adult 12+ $40 Child 3-11 $30 Top 3 cities in LA:1. West Hollywood 2. Venice Beach 3. Santa Monica

  13. Concept: Urban Store Skateboarder designed by Street Artists for sale • Variety of spray can supplies • Gallery with street art for sale • A place to experience street art in a non traditional gallery • Goal: Provide an interactive profitable space A possible starting point for Street Art TOURS. Provides information for tour schedule and details.

  14. Store concept: Merchandise Place: Venice, CA Promotion: Online Advertising, Print Signings, Word of Mouth, Featured Artwork Price: $20-$200 Product Style and Type: - Streetwear (T-shirts, Hoodies, Accessories) -Skateboards -Prints -Art Supplies


  16. Canvas T’s Street Artists are globally conscious individuals who come from various backgrounds and from many different parts of the world. They also tend to follow current events and are aware of the events that not only impact our nation, but other regions of the world as well. Canvas T’s was developed in order to encourage art for a cause.

  17. Stand up for what you believe in! Marketing Concept: T-shirts sold with proceeds going to a worthy cause taps into a street artists need to support their values and believes.

  18. Marketing Concept: In store events Interactive Activities- message boards and individualizing shirts. Live Music- DJ’s Art Shows and Street Artist appearances.

  19. Marketing Concept: Branding Following a similar method of Shepard Fairey’s, Obey: an experiment in phenomenology

  20. WOW Summary • Conceptual Street Art inspired Bar • Street Art Bus Tour • Conceptual Urban Street Art Store • Layout Concept • Merchandise Concept • Branding Concept

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