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Senior High School PowerPoint Presentation
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Senior High School

Senior High School

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Senior High School

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  1. Senior High School

  2. R.A. 10533 • Known as the Enhanced Basic Education Act • Officially signed on May 15, 2013 • Mandates the full enhancement and lengthening of Basic Education in the country

  3. Senior High School • SY 2016-2017: a milestone; SHS will officially be implemented • Planning must start NOW! • SHS is a specialized upper-secondary education composed of Core Curriculum and Tracks

  4. The tracks are: - Academic - Technical-Vocational-Livelihood - Sports and Arts Each track will have strands (specializations within a track)

  5. The Strands in the Academic Track Humanities, Education and Social Sciences- prepares a SHS student to pursue college degrees focusing on human individuals and societies, such as Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science in Education Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics- focus on the natural world, such as Bachelor of Science. Included also are the Health Sciences, Agricultural Sciences and Info. Tech.

  6. The Strands in the Academic Track Business, Accountancy and Management- focus on business and industry, such as Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and BS in Accountancy

  7. Sports and Arts Track • Prepares the SHS student to participate in national or international athletic tournaments before or after graduation; A track that prepares a SHS student to participate creatively at a high artistic level in art activities such as, but not limited to, literature, dance, music, architecture, painting, sculpture, theater, television, film, and multimedia art .

  8. Technical-Vocational-Livelihood • Prepares a SHS student to become a job-ready, skilled, middle-level worker leading to an appropriate National Certificate from TESDA

  9. Tech-voc Strands: UMak Experience

  10. Tech-voc Strands: UMak Experience

  11. Tech-voc Strands: UMak Experience

  12. Tech-voc Strands: UMak Experience

  13. Tech-voc Strands: UMak Experience

  14. Tech-voc Strands: UMak Experience

  15. Senior High School • Preparations now will serve as inputs to the FY 2015 Budget • Preparations for FY 2015 cycle will commence months earlier and finish by the end of 2013 • January to April 2014- plan consolidation and budget requirements • The Department is using the strategic bottom-up budgeting approach.

  16. Gearing up for SHS Implementation Requirements in preparing for SHS: • Policy decisions- need to be finalized on a national level 2. IA and EA- must be conducted to ensure proper understanding of supply and demand (internal and external absorptive capacity, market realities) 3. Infrastructure plan- will rest on 1 and 2

  17. 5 POLICY DECISIONS • SHS Curriculum (c/o Technical panels, Programs and Projects) -SHS curriculum: finalized by November 2013 -Specifics in the SHS curriculum are: a. # of hrs. for Core Curr. and tracks b. curriculum by track c. strands per track d. facility by requirements e. equipment requirements

  18. 5 POLICY DECISIONS 2. Non-DepEd SHS Guidelines (c/o Programs and Projects) - will guide non-DepED schools in transitioning to SHS or guide them in their decision to offer SHS - Will guide regions and divisions in creating partnerships with potential external providers

  19. 5 POLICY DECISIONS • Voucher Policy (c/o Finance & Admin.) - through E-GASTPE publicly funded and privately managed SHS will be implemented - will allow DepEd to utilize available capacity in non DepEd schools instead of immediately building more schools

  20. 5 Policy Decisions • Grade 12 Certificate / Grade 10 Certificate/Diploma ( c/o EXECOM & ProgCom) - will affect demand for SHS; still being reviewed ( for alignment with NC offerings and the PQF)

  21. 5 POLICY DECISIONS 5. Criteria for locating DepEd SHS (c/o Regional Operations) Factors to consider: - internal capacity of the school to offer SHS • Strategic location, accessibility, commute time and distance • Potential partnerships and potential demand creation

  22. 5 POLICY DECISIONS Factors to consider: - Whether certain existing schools can still accommodate more enrollment- even if there is still buildable space - Locating potential new school sites - Faculty availability and their majors - Facility requirements and revisiting classroom specifications

  23. INTERNAL AND EXTERNAL ASSESSMENT • INTERNAL ASSESSMENT - enrolment projections - internal absorptive capacity • EXTERNAL ASSESSMENT - external stakeholder capacity - local development plans - industry focus - market realities

  24. INFRASTRUCTURE PLAN • The IP hinges on the ff. Questions: 1. Who are our learners? 2. What are the resource requirements? 3. What do we currently have? 4. Where should we build SHS?

  25. SHS Pre-Planning Integrated with the 2015 Planning Cycle PART 1: July and August 2013 START: Pre-planning for SHS • IA- SHS Tool, Mapping, Buildable space, New potential school sites, data gathering, data completion • EA- external data, potential partners, start initial meeting with external stakeholders • Regional MANCOMS- C.O. Deployed to regions • DO, RO complete Situational Analysis

  26. PART 2: September and October 2013 START: FY 2015 Planning Cycle MANCOMs- with RDs, , Budget Committee Hearings

  27. PART 3:November & December 2013 • K to 12 Curriculum ready for planning use • Refine plans based on Budget Comm. Inputs • Continuous meetings with LGU, private sector & other external stakeholders for partnership

  28. PART 4: January to March 2014 January- FY 2015 Budget Orientation and Workshop; Regional MANCOMS February- Budget Comm. Hearings in RO and CO; Regional Budget Hearing March- Final Budget Hearings with Budget Comm. March to April- Consolidation and submission by April 15.

  29. SHS IMPLEMENTATION ROADMAP 2013: • Pre-planning for SHS and FY 2015 Planning • RA 10533 IRR • Complete K to 12 Curriculum • Guidelines for non-DepEd SHS • Criteria for Locating DepEd SHS • Decision on Grade 10 Certificate/ Grade 12 Diploma • Engagement of potential partners

  30. SHS IMPLEMENTATION ROADMAP 2014: • Finish FY 2015 Budget requirements • Infra. Plan, location of SHS and resource requirement determined • IM development • Procurement of certain resources • Teacher training and assessment • FY 2016 Planning and Budgeting • Refinement of partnerships

  31. SHS IMPLEMENTATION ROADMAP 2015: • Construction starts for majority of infra. Requirements • Voucher Scheme financing and mechanism set • Refinement and finalization of arrangements with partners • Preparation for SY ‘17-’18 • Procurement continues • FY 2017 Planning and Budgeting

  32. SHS IMPLEMENTATION ROADMAP 2016: • Start of SHS implementation • DepEd and non-DepEd providers ready at the start of SY 2016-2017 • Continuous preparation for SY 2017-2018

  33. QUESTIONS FOR IA • Who are our learners? 1. Where do they live? What is their profile? 2. How will they be affected by selected locations? Will there be unserved areas? 3. How do we achieve the right mix of 60:40 , public:private enrolment?

  34. QUESTIONS FOR IA • What are the resource requirements? 1. Do we have a steady supply of teachers? (E. Uy’s slide 5) 2. What are the views of HEIs, TVI and private schools on vouchers? What are the potential price points?

  35. QUESTIONS FOR IA • What do we currently have? 1. Do our existing schools have buildable space? 2. Can they absorb incremental enrolment?

  36. QUESTIONS FOR IA • Where do we build SHS? 1. Are there potential new school sites? 2. Is it accessible to learners ? 3. Is it suited to learners and industry preferences?

  37. Questions for Private Schools • Do you intend to offer SHS? • What preparations have you made so far? • Which tracks and which strands do you intend to offer/Why? • What are your views on a voucher system? What are the potential price points? (GASTPE) • What is your absorptive capacity for incremental SHS enrolment?