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Melbourne Canoe Club

Melbourne Canoe Club

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Melbourne Canoe Club

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  1. Melbourne Canoe Club Strategic Direction June 2008

  2. Vision To be widely regarded as the most successful and influential canoe and kayak club in Australia

  3. Club Mission To be constantly working to increase participation in the sport of canoe/kayak, with a core emphasis on slalom paddling and to develop and maintain the necessary support structures that assist paddlers of all standards to reach their maximum potential

  4. Specific Goals & Objectives By 2012 our goals are : • To double Club Membership • To have the largest club representation in Australian teams spanning all slalom classes • To be the most successful slalom club, with a growing presence in other disciplines • To be represented at all State and Australian organisational forums • To have a body of qualified officials capable of running and officiating events at all levels • To be in a solid financial position with the capacity to provide adequate funding to develop the sport and support club members

  5. Pro-actively market the sport and the club to potential members Develop a programme of social events to support the retention of paddlers and social members Develop facilities to support the club atmosphere Build an inventory of equipment to support new paddlers and minority disciplines ( C1 & C2 ) especially 110 members by 2010 160 members by 2012 Permanent training site established by 2010 Equipment storage facility by 2010 Club Membership Targets Strategies

  6. Develop on water programmes to develop the skills of our paddlers Develop programmes in Penrith and overseas e.g. New Zealand Provide race day support for paddlers in major events e.g. selection races Coaching development programme Financially support visits by AIS coaches and the like Support programmes for “elite” paddlers Highest Club representation in Australian slalom teams To have at least one specialist coach for each of the slalom classes To have at least 6 club members with the highest coaching qualification possible by 2010 To develop a framework for a scholarship programme for “elite” paddlers by 2009 Australian Representation Targets Strategies

  7. Establish a presence in canoe polo and other disciplines Establish and foster a Vets and Master programme Develop a strong intra-club environment with broad cross age participation To win the Club Championship trophy at the National Slalom Championships within the next 4 years To have the highest member participation at State and National Championships by 2010 Competitively Successful Targets Strategies

  8. Establish judging and officiating development programme Support officials in acquiring the requisite skills and qualifications to enable them to officiate at major slalom events, including international Establish programmes to develop a pool of people capable of co-ordinating and running events at all levels Broaden the volunteer base and train them in a variety of roles Build an inventory of systems and equipment To double the number of level 1& 2 officials by 2012 To qualify at least 2 people at ICF level whenever the opportunity arises To have at least 3 people capable of performing the key roles necessary to run and co-ordinate a slalom event To have the necessary equipment to allow MCC to independently run a slalom event by 2010 To establish a procedure manual for running and co-ordinating a slalom event Qualified Officials / Systems Targets Strategies

  9. Sound financial management strategies Established fund raising programme to supplement membership revenue Actively seek opportunities to run major events Develop expertise in identifying, applying for and receiving grants Establish club sponsorship programmes To prudently expend surplus funds in a variety of ways to support both paddlers and officials To maintain an annual revenue budget sufficient to fund programmes and replace & acquire equipment To have an annual fund raising target of $5,000 by 2012 To maintain a minimum cash reserves equal to 3 months of annual operating expenses Financially Sound Targets Strategies

  10. Support members in applying to join Victorian and Australian Slalom Technical Committees Board of Canoeing Victoria and Australian Canoeing To have at least 1 representative on both the Victorian and Australian Slalom Technical Committees To have Board representation – Australian and Victorian Canoeing Representation on State and National bodies Targets Strategies

  11. President Vice President * Secretary * Treasurer * Communications incl Web Officials & Events Assets & Facilities Coaching (Development) Coaching (High Performance) Promotions, Marketing & Sponsorship Social & non-Competitive Fund Raising Sub-Committee Proposed Committee Structure These * roles are required for Legalreasons. There is no requirement that they be unique roles for a person.

  12. Committee operating model The proposal is to have a core committee that meets bi-monthly and, on the alternate months, functional committees whose role will be to develop and implement the programs to meet the goals outlined for the Club. The core committee is made up of the President and chairs of each of the functional committees as well as those members fulfilling our legal roles of Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer. The functional committees will have a chair that represents that committee to the broader committee as well as broader representation from the overall membership of those with an interest in the specific areas.

  13. Objectives of a functional area A number of strategies and targets have been developed for the six key goals for the Club. Each of these strategies and targets will be a focus of a specific functional committee though it is recognised that many of the committee will contribute to meeting the overall goals we have.

  14. Focus areas (illustrative only)