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Everything to know about sailing yacht charter Greece

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Everything to know about sailing yacht charter Greece

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  1. Everything to know about sailing yacht charter Greece Once we have decided that we are going for sailing yacht charter Greece, it is best to get up and running as soon as possible, in order to find the right boat. If we know in advance the dates of our holidays it is recommended that we do not leave it for the last minute, since we will have few possibilities to choose, because almost all the boat charter will already be rented. If we leave things for the last moment we will have to settle for the boats that nobody has wanted. Sometimes we will have to change the destination or choose a type of boat that was not the one we initially wanted. It is true that there are last minute offers where you can find good opportunities, but they will not always fit our preferences. Try to agree with the company to allow them to spend the night before or after the rental period. In this way, they will save the hotel and make the first contact with what will be their home in the following days. The nautical charter agent: The choice of the motor boat charter can be made directly with the charter company or through an agency specialized in boat rentals. The advantage of doing this through an agent is that they handle a large number of boats in their portfolios. And many times they will be able to negotiate some additional extra free, such as the outboard, snorkeling equipment, etc. Nautical charter agents know the boats, the crews, and the navigation areas. They will be able to advise the client and act as intermediaries in the face of possible problems that may arise. The advantage of sailboat rent Greece through an agent is that they are independent professionals. It is advisable to go to those agents who do not have their own boats, as they can advise the client objectively, without trying to rent their boats at all costs. They will choose the best sailing yacht charter suits the needs of their customers. To sign the contract: Depending on the time remaining for us to occupy the boat, the company will ask us for an amount to make the reservation of the catamaran charter. If you still have to spend several months that amount will be less, increasing as we get closer to the date of embarkation. Once we have signed the contract and paid the required amount, you must deliver that contract along with the invoice or receipt.

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