evergreen forest pictures of beautiful natural locations n.
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Evergreen forest – pictures of beautiful natural locations PowerPoint Presentation
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Evergreen forest – pictures of beautiful natural locations

Evergreen forest – pictures of beautiful natural locations

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Evergreen forest – pictures of beautiful natural locations

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  1. Evergreen Forest – Pictures of Beautiful Natural Locations

  2. When we say the term ‘Nature,’ it represents the physical, chemical, and biological elements of the earth, which includes sunlight, atmosphere, mountains, trees, plants, animals, or rivers. There is some sort of mutual interaction and inter-dependency between these various elements of nature.

  3. For example, the biological organisms of nature are depended on the physical elements for their survival and existence.

  4. Components of Nature The different elements of nature in Ecology are demarcated into different spheres known as atmosphere, lithosphere, hydrosphere and biosphere. It is within biosphere the biological life originates and includes all the biotic and a-biotic processes, involving interaction with other spheres.

  5. Also, from the perspective of human, the elements of nature can be classified into two broad categories: Natural elements and artificial elements. Traditionally, the artificial elements of nature represent those developed by a human consciousness or a human mind. All the rest can be considered as natural elements.

  6. Evergreen Forest Just imagine in your mind’s eye. You are walking through a thick green forest with varied vegetation surrounded by complete silence; the silence is then broken occasionally by calls of birds and animals, and a sudden gush of winds causing dancing of trees. As you walk through such an ambiance, you feel at state of complete peacefulness in life. You feel yourself as part and parcel of wider constituent nature.

  7. Evergreen rainforest are one such natural region with enchanting beauty and resource diversity. You can be in touch with nature at such landscapes and directly observe the continuing interactions between various elements of nature.

  8. The evergreen rainforest are characterized by beautiful landscapes with rich in biodiversity, variety in landforms and differing climatic conditions. The current rainforest regions across different geographical locations are Amazon rainforest and Atlantic forest in South and Central America;

  9. Congo rainforest, Ituri Rainforest, Kilum-Ijim Forest, and Madagascar lowland forests in Africa; Harappan Rainforest in Asia; Daintree Rainforest and Hawaiian tropical rainforests in Australasia and Oceania. You can view the beauty of landscape by free download pictures available on the internet.

  10. Covering only two percent of land area, they represent 50% of plant and animal species on earth. The forest is also the home of the some of the beautiful birds in the world and represents some 10,000 bird species. Some famous birds in the forest are the Birds of Paradise, colorful macaws, parrots, cockatoos, long-beaked toucans, Flamingoes, Hummingbirds, etc.

  11. They are brightly colored and have special features to adapt to the exotic conditions in the forest. Beautiful bird’s pictures can be downloaded for free from internet websites.

  12. Some plant species of tropical forest provide ingredients of pharmaceutical industry, because of which they are known as ‘Pharmacy of the World.’ Recently, these natural ecosystems are at the verge of extinction with continuous deforestation and human interference. There is urgent necessity for conservation of these natural regions on the earth.

  13. Nature has endowed us with abundant resources for our well-being. As said earlier, there is some sort of mutual interdependence between various elements of nature, especially in tropical evergreen forest.

  14. However, in recent years, anthropogenic activity is causing disturbance in the interdependence, mainly due to over-exploitation of resources, leading to extinction of species diversity in the forest. There is urgent necessity for conservation of the natural resources of the evergreen forest. 

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