how to get rid of spider veins n.
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How to get rid of spider veins PowerPoint Presentation
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How to get rid of spider veins

How to get rid of spider veins

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How to get rid of spider veins

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  1. How to get rid of spider veins

  2. Introduction • Spider veins are literally the cluster of a tiny blood vessel that is found on the surface of the skin. Sometimes they become visible on your skin when you rub on the surface. They are mostly found on the legs, hands, and face especially around nose, chin and cheek. They are not specified to women or men it can get either of them.

  3. There are several ways that one can lead to varicose vein problem they include standing or sitting for long periods of time, exposing to harmful. It is most common for the people over 50 years because their veins have loose most of the elasticity that leads to vein inflammation but also young they can be found with varicose veins. Pregnant women are another group that is also affected that result from hormonal fluctuation.

  4. How to control and treatment Treatment is very costing where you are required to be done a surgery. It is done not only for once but you must account for a long time making it time costing. The best way of overcoming it of control measure instead of treatment. There are ways of preventing and treatment varicose veins they include:

  5. Exercise One of very important in assisting in controlling of spider veins. It helps many things in the health of a person in life. Leg lifting, jogging, calf rising and side lunges are most preferred in controlling and preventing varicose vein. This will help in increase of blood circulation in your leg hence get rid of spider vein. Also one can boost blood circulation by climbing stairs in daily routine

  6. Massage This another simple way of improving the blood circulation to the affected area like leg and it reduces pain and inflammation. it should be done regularly not once and leave until the symptoms start to show up again.

  7. Do not drink too much alcohol When you take too much alcohol it leads to blood vessel dilation and over a period of time it results to permanently dilation of vein causing varicose veins.

  8. Use of natural herbs Example of good natural herbs for treatment of varicose vein is chestnut, ginger and apple cider vinegar. They improve blood flow and circulation, hence they help in reducing swelling and to a great pain extent. One can take them in food like ginger or enjoy the tea once or twice a day. One should include spicy in the meal like garlic and cayenne which help in breaking down of fibrin which is smooth like stuff around the varicose vein

  9. Essential oils They are important in small quantity where they play a big role I balancing out hormones and nourishing your skin. They help in balancing of the hormone that causes inflammation of veins. Limitation in salt taking Too much salt is one of the major cause of spider veins hence one should take enough in order to prevent varicose veins.

  10. Mode of sleeping and elevation One should sleep on your back with legs elevated. where you place the pillow under your legs and another one on your back to increase blood circulation, this prevents one from spider veins.

  11. Weight One should maintain weight at the maximum level of health. Where one should not be overweight or underweight. overweight cause varicose veins where veins are covered by large amount fat hindering the blood flow and proper circulation

  12. Best clinic for spider vein treatment •