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iPhone XS Screen Replacement PowerPoint Presentation
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iPhone XS Screen Replacement

iPhone XS Screen Replacement

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iPhone XS Screen Replacement

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  1. iPhone XS Screen Replacement This repair applies for iPhone XS that has cracked, damaged, broken, smashed screen but is responding to your touch & LCD is 100% working order.

  2. Screen Replacement (Working LCD & Touch) [High Quality] iPhone XS Cracked Screen Repair Expert in Melbourne, Rockdale Sydney, Carnegie, Hobart Tasmania & Fairfield Brisbane Repair is done within a reasonable timeframe Competitive Price for iPhone XS Broken Screen Repair Quality parts and expert technicians in Melbourne, Rockdale Sydney, Carnegie, Hobart Tasmania & Fairfield Brisbane for iPhone XS Smashed Screen Repair

  3. Repairing Service Screen Replacement (Working LCD & Touch) [High Quality] $349.00

  4. Quick Info • Estimated Repair Time 1 Day • Walk in Accepted • Free Pick Up No • Mail in Repair Accepted • Water proof / Water resistant- No • Parts Type High Quality Non-genuine • Low Stock Please Call

  5. Available Payment Options

  6. iPhone XS Screen Replacement Service  in Melbourne, Rockdale Sydney, Carnegie, Hobart Tasmania & Fairfield Brisbane: The Latest edition of the world’s favorite phone brand iPhone, the all-new iPhone XS gives you the best experience in picture quality. The newly added feature of smart HDR provides the accurate picture & right color exposure. The beautifully designed iPhone XS will grab everyone’s attention. It's perfectly sized 5.8 inches with the next level OLED Screen is another prominent feature of the iPhone XS.

  7. Despite being Labelled as the most powerful cell phone of all time. We’re always bound to have the screen cracked due to some unwanted and unseen disasters. In most cases of accidental damage, the LCD of the device is in working order and only the upper screen is damaged. We might have to replace both screen and LCD unnecessarily. Well, in that case, you’ve come to the right place. We provide the screen replacement service that limits your expense to just the upper screen cost. This repair service aims to cut down the extra cost of LCD. For a device to be considered under this repair, its LCD should be in a working condition without any spots, scratches, and cracks. Repair Mate is the ultimate place to get rid of your iPhone faults and problem. We solve all the problems that are related to hardware, inspection of the device, water damage issues, battery replacement, speaker issues. We give you the best service with the best outcome quoting the most economical repair costs.

  8. The eligibility of the device for this repair depends upon the Condition of Working LCD & Touch which are as follows: 1. This repair is strictly subject to inspection by our staff/technician.2. LCD has to be original screen fitted by the manufacturer and never been repaired before.3. LCD & touch screen has to be in 100% working condition.4. Pressure marks on screen, Pink screen, damage lines on LCD, dead pixels and other defects of LCD and touch screen are not applicable to get repaired under this product (Please select damaged LCD product). 5. LCD showing signs of ageing and or transparent vision are also do not meet the condition of this repair option.6. The LCD has to be salvageable condition. This repair option will not be applicable if we believe that the LCD will not be in salvageable condition after disassembly. Repair Mate staff will make decision after inspection if this repair cost is applicable for screen repair.

  9. iPhone XS Screen Replacement in Sydney Rockdale: Our team of the technician is an expert in handling an iPhone XS. At Sydney Rockdale, we fix your iPhone with almost every problem. We repair it in the best possible way assembling the best-known parts of the highest quality. Also, the repair pricing is determined as low as possible. We are located on Bathurst Street, which is an easily accessible location with the city center around the corner. So, feel free to get your Apple iPhone Screen repair at Repair Mate Sydney Rockdale. Get your priceless phone repaired with the warranty, an Applecare plan would provide. 

  10.  iPhone XS Screen Replacement Service in Melbourne, Rockdale Sydney, Carnegie, Hobart Tasmania & Fairfield Brisbane: We are the best-known place for the mobile phones repairs, all over Melbourne, Rockdale Sydney, Carnegie, Hobart Tasmania & Fairfield Brisbane. Despite having an outstanding build and perfect size, the battery life of the phone keeps deteriorating but most, unfortunately, your iPhone XS might fall off or get under pressure anywhere. The least damage it could have is its screen shattered. This is the time when you remember us for the best repair of iPhone XS screen. Please do visit Little Collins street in Melbourne. We can have any of the issue related to iPhone XS solved. We do all sorts of hardware repair like issues with speakers, charging port, home button, battery replacements, and so on. Though We provide a service that is as good as an Apple authorized service center would provide, the service fee we take is comparatively low.

  11.  iPhone XS Screen Replacement Service in Carnegie: Being regarded as the strongest phone of the year 2018. The irresponsible handling of your iPhone may cause the screen to crack keeping your heart broken. Then don’t worry as our team of the technician are there at Carnegie central to help you with the cracked screen and repair it with the highest quality of parts at a very nominal charge. We give you the best service for screen replacement in Carnegie. Mostly including a 3 months warranty on the parts, we fit in. The customer can check the free pickup availability in the repair page itself or whilst booking. Once you decide to repair with us you can always track the status of your device. All your concerns like how it’s been handled, who is it with, if the repair is completed and dispatched for delivery will be taken care of by our customer service team. We service a wide range of mobile phones and tablets with 100% customer satisfaction for Samsung galaxy repairs.

  12. How long would it take to get my phone repaired? The estimated repair time for repair is usually 1 day depending upon the damaged caused in your phone. We also have an online booking system which makes booking the repairs easier for customers. You track what exactly is happening with your device in every step of the repair process. Do visit our stores to get your iPhone XS Screen replacements in Melbourne, Rockdale Sydney, Carnegie, Hobart Tasmania & Fairfield Brisbane

  13. Repair Service Include Repair Feature • Digitizer Touch Screen Glass for iPhone XS. • Fitting of iPhone XS Screen Assembly • 90 Days Warranty on Replacement Part/s • New High Quality Touch Screen Replacement • Replace your broken, damaged, unusable Touch Screen • Repair completed within reasonable time frame

  14. Please Note Device manufactured with water-proof ability might not retain water-proof ability and manufacturer's warranty might no longer be valid after device being repaired. Repair Time are estimated repair time in best case scenario and parts required being available in stock. Cost is estimate only & subject to change anytime without notice. Some areas might be outside our courier pick up zone and no postage credit is offered when handset is sent by the customer.

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