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Michael kors watches

Michael kors watches

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Michael kors watches

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  1. Michael Kors Watches

  2. Time is a precious thing. There never seems to be enough time. As human beings, we can never seem to plan for all the things we want to do each day, even though we all know there is a finite amount of time to allot for.

  3. We know that we have 24 hours - 1,440 minutes, or 86,400 seconds - every day to separate and plan into sections to get done what we need, and yet we can never figure out the perfect formula to delete everything from our to-do list, it seems.

  4. Of course, there are many factors involved in the reasons why this happens to be true. Human error – the propensity for certain common mistakes by people; the making of an error as a natural result of being human- is rarely taken into consideration when people set aside an allotted amount of time to get things done.

  5. However, it is undisputable that human error is the main cause for time management plans to fail. You forgot something, you were late, someone on your team forgot to do something, etc.

  6. One of the best ways to combat against human error is to get a watch. Most people try using their cell phone as a way to track time; however, there are many problems that can arise sing a cell phone that simply do not exist when using a watch.

  7. A cell phone is usually used for multiple things, draining its battery, and needs to be recharged daily. Failure to do so can result in many things - failure to wake up from an alarm, missed appointment times, general tardiness. A watch, on the other hand, does not need to be recharged.

  8. A battery in a brand new watch typically lasts up to four years, and replacement batteries last between one to two years, depending on how old the watch is. This ensures the user will always have accurate time-keeping.

  9. Other functions watches can have to help fight against human error include alarms, stop watch mode, and keeping the date on the face. Michael Kors watches are a fantastic brand that offer all of these features.

  10. Of course, human error is not the only thing that can be blamed for planning failures, but they are the main cause. Although external problems – things beyond our control as human beings- are another major contributing factor, they all can be tied into human errors in some way.

  11. If more people took precautions to alleviate human errors, more things would get done in the time span of a day. Time is precious, and we can waste a lot less of it with proper planning and sing the right tools for the job – including watches, planners, calendars, etc.

  12. Proper planning, organization, and implementation of schedules, plans, and ideas can help get everyone through their day smoothly, and leave more time for the things we want to do as opposed to the things we have to do. It is all about being prepared properly for the day ahead.

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