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Psychic Visions of July PowerPoint Presentation
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Psychic Visions of July

Psychic Visions of July

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Psychic Visions of July

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  1. Psychic Visions of July

  2. I sense that July will test the resolve of our being. I see a psychic vision of families struggling to place meals on their tables. I sense that the increased expense of products and companies will amplify this struggle.

  3. In certain I see the price of fuel, electrical energy, and food stuffs escalating to amounts that lead to financial duress and hardships for many already on the brink. I feel that numerous will go without so that their children might have a little.

  4. I also a see a strong response and resolution to this crisis as public outcry and outreach operate at the community level to help people that are without having. I sense that the real American spirit that lies far removed from partisan lines and political views awakens the sleeping giant, in our communities.

  5. As we rise from our slumber we embrace the correct spirit that helps make our nation a country of accurate heroes. As this nearby grass roots response commences to collect momentum strain moves up the political ladder.

  6. Individuals that ridiculed and scorned the require for actual jobs with fair shell out see the error of their fiduciary irresponsibility and ratify new legislation to mitigate the soreness and struggling of their constituency.

  7. Not just a fast resolve of make function packages mind you but a lasting adjust for sustainable economic development on a local and international scale.

  8. Priorities shift in the direction of a healthier nation where healthcare is not a privilege but a appropriate. In planning for this new jobs in the healthcare, well being data systems, and overall health care management fields crop up like mustard seeds. These jobs at some point kind the well being care infrastructure for the uninsured and disenfranchised.

  9. In addition, I sense that the green technologies get started to blossom. As businesses commence to ramp up manufacturing and men and women become weary of the higher fossil fuel costs green jobs start to pop up like wild flowers.

  10. The demand for these items also increases as a direct result of green tax incentives, increased tax charges, and stricter tax shelter laws. Finally, my psychic vision for July draws me in the direction of the educational program.

  11. I truly feel it will afford task options for these wishing to actually develop a greater tomorrow. I envision several returning to school to transition into a new occupation fields. I also see an emphasis on educating the youth of our nation to a higher common.

  12. Ultimately, I come to feel that the educational method will supply the ways and indicates for our nation to attain global viability, global respectability, and sustainable financial development.

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