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Individual digital story planning PowerPoint Presentation
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Individual digital story planning

Individual digital story planning

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Individual digital story planning

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  1. Individual digital story planning • Make sure you have a handout to write on as you go through this power point. • You should also have all the work you’ve done for this class, so you can work efficiently. • As you go though each slide, write on your handout what you’d like to include in your digital story. We’ve listed assignments where you’ve already addressed each to help you. If you’ve done your work for this class, you’ve already answered most of these questions. • As you go, list pictures you could take for each section.

  2. #1What was your personal view of self-esteem before this class? Include personal evaluation and past exploration. Journal 1 • Image ideas: • 1st self portrait • Image of you when you were younger.

  3. #2 Include an element from your personal story related to your self-esteem. Choose a family element, major event or glimpse of yourself. Journal 2 • Image ideas: • Family photo • Second self portrait • Mask photo • Example: lack of integrity might look like a photo of a person’ fingers crossed behind their back.

  4. #3 Define and give an example of your pillar of strength. Journals 2 & 7 • Image ideas: • Happy childhood images • Image of you holding a sign that reads your personal strength.

  5. #4 Define your focused pillar for improvement with examples of behaviors related to that pillar. Journal 7 • Image ideas • Spooky mask photo • Image of yourself that captures the mood or emotion of this behavior.

  6. #5 Describe the consequences of these behaviors related to your pillar of improvement. • Image ideas: • Image that represents how you feel when you are faced with the consequences of your behaviors. • Images of the people who are affected by your actions (family, friends, loved ones).

  7. #6 Identify the source of these behaviors. Journal 7 • Image ideas: • Images that represent unmet needs • Images that represent individual fears: fear of unknown, loss, abandonment, failure…

  8. #7 What resources were you lacking that would have helped you choose different behaviors/decisions (relationships with parents, supportive peer group, emotional vocabulary, sobriety, role models, journaling, coping skills, stress management skills)? • Image ideas: • Family pictures • Pictures with friends • You with a word bubble • Pictures of you exercising • Pictures of your art • Pictures of nature

  9. #8 Identify the resiliency skills that you currently do not have in place that would help build this pillar. Action plan warm-up #4 & 6. • Image ideas: • Abstract images that represent resiliency • Image that represents specific resiliency skill (humor, independence, specific life skills…)

  10. #9 Assertive Rights that would benefit you specifically related to this pillar. The ones you said you most needed to work on in your journal. Action plan warm-up #8 • Image ideas: • Images that represent you standing up for yourself • Image of you holding something that you are proud of. • Image of you looking unapologetic. • Image of you celebrating yourself • Images that represent personal boundaries

  11. #10 Personal Mantra with explanation of how it could help improve your self-esteem. Action plan warm-up #9 & 11. • Image ideas: • Image of you holding a sign with your personal mantra written on it. • Image of a sticky note with your mantra

  12. #11 Action Plan – specific tasks. Include specific resiliency skills, assertiveness skills and personal mantra. • Image ideas: • New self portrait that represents your action plan. • Images that represent positive relationships with others • Images that represent strength, courage and empowerment

  13. #12 Action Plan:time – line • Image ideas: • Calendar with your pillar written on a specific date and circled. • Graduation cap with pillar written on the side. • “new me” written on a specific date of the calendar.

  14. #13 Action Plan – resources • Image ideas: • Picture of you doing a new hobby • Picture of you that represents strength in your pillar • Picture of you laughing • Picture that represents your spirituality • Picture of your support groups

  15. #15 Vision of future. How might your action plan impact your future? • Image ideas: • image of you celebrating • Image of you looking to the future • Image that represents hope