design and management of fiber networks n.
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Bentley Fiber

Bentley Fiber

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Bentley Fiber

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  1. Design and Management of Fiber Networks Bentley Fiber

  2. Presentation Overview • What is Bentley Fiber? • Where is Bentley Fiber Used? • Features • Benefits • Implementation • FTTx Use Case • User Case Studies

  3. Bentley Fiber • Engineers and manages all types of fiber networks • Builds an intelligent network model that can be shared throughout your organization • Produces a complete range of documentation, plans, and reports to support engineering, construction, and operations

  4. Where is it Used? By anyone engineering or managing fiber networks • CATV Providers • RBOCs, PTTs, CLECs, IXCs, Telephone Cooperatives • Consulting Engineers • Utilities • Community Broadband • Defense Community

  5. Top 10 Features • Configurable Equipment Standards • Fiber Routing • Splicing • Tracing • Engineering Calculations • Operations Functions • Reports and Diagrams • Strand • Duct Management • Work Prints

  6. Configurable Equipment Specifications • Easy-to-use equipment GUI • User-Customizable Attributes • Define detailed database and graphical properties

  7. Fiber Routing • Choose from a variety of routing techniques • Automatic routing function traces strand for quick operator input • Network connectivity automatically established • Add as-built information to fiber sheath

  8. Splicing • Automatic or manual splicing mode are available • Configurable splice type and associated losses for specific wavelength is provided • Splice a single fiber, a selection of fiber or the entire cable in a single keystroke • Splice state as well as measured losses for each splice can be stored in the database

  9. Tracing/Optical system • End-to-end tracing at sheath and fiber level • A connection report is produced automatically and can be output in a text file • Assign bandwidth to customers with the optical system management tool

  10. Engineering Calculations • Engineering calculations integral to the design process • Perform engineering calculations by area or entire network • Fiber loss budget analysis • Optical coupler optimization

  11. Operations Functions • Locate outage • Locate device • Locate customer • Locate slack

  12. Reports and Diagrams • Equipment report • Device information report • Device bill of materials • Sheath bill of materials • Reel bill of materials • Splice diagrams and reports • Consolidated bill of materials with fiber equipment and cable

  13. Strand • Configurable specifications • Structure creation • Addresses automatically associated to structures • Utilize address information from billing systems • Support for multiple output map products

  14. Duct Management • Route and manage conduit and bundles • Assign ownership • Elevation views • Cross-sections • Wall diagram reports

  15. Work Prints • Copy multiple areas into work print preparation environment • Standalone DGN with device/facility/structure properties embedded in XML • Customizable borders • Customizable Annotation, Stamps, and device/facility/structure drawing tools • Bill of Materials

  16. Key Benefits Complete, accurate network records and intelligent network model form the basis for: • Optimal network design and operations • Cost savings via reduced truck rolls and field visits • Improved customer satisfaction due to shorter response times, reduced time-to-repair • A common network model that can be used throughout the enterprise to improve all aspects of customer service, planning, engineering, and operations

  17. Key Benefits A common application environment for planning, analysis, design, and facility management: • Substantially increases user productivity – training time is shortened, no need to translate information between systems and results of analysis are immediately available for use in engineering and planning processes • Maximizes integrity of network designs when the complete network model and analysis results are available in the design process • Minimizes time-to-market for new services • Reduces IT overhead for system support/administration and minimizes recurring software maintenance costs

  18. A Full-Service Solution Bentley SELECT • A comprehensive technology and service subscription program that includes: • flexible subscription options • exclusive licensing privileges • continuous product upgrades • comprehensive technical support • discounts on training and software, and more. • Training • Professional training programs that are designed to increase the productivity of Communications professionals.

  19. Bentley Professional Services Experts in the Communication disciplines that help organizations make the best use of people and technology • Business Process Consulting – matching business goals to workflows and systems • Solution Implementation – customizing and implementing solutions that are on-time and effective • System Integration – connecting engineering and OSS information and systems • Data Migration and Conversion – Preserving your investment in legacy existing information and data

  20. Bentley FiberFTTx Use Case Example

  21. FTTx Use Case Example • Equipment Standards • Create spans, nap’s, splices, cabinets, engineering specs, and more… • Ease of use • Route fiber from the CO to Cabinet locations, route distribution fiber out to NAP locations. • Link ONT’s (terminals) and fiber drops to strand addresses with an automated command. • Any FTTx architecture can be modeled! • Fiber assignments • Link ONT’s (terminals) to strand addresses. • Connect from the residence to the CO intelligently and report on ALL equipment passed in the individual subscriber connection! • Connect fibers thru the LCC by using fiber split panels. • Tools and reporting • Tracing fibers, ONT/ terminal assignments, locate outage, detailed FTTx BOM, engineering calculations, customer status assignment, work order creation, and more!

  22. Route “back-bone” fiber to your cabinets from the CO This can be accomplished in both “link to strand” or “calc distance” modes

  23. Fiber to the cabinet, distribution fiber to the NAP… Once distribution cable is routed and NAP’s are placed, the automated drops can be routed

  24. Automated ONT and fiber drop command Setup the drop criteria and select the FTTx boundary to begin the automated placement of drops

  25. Placement of splitters for connecting drops at the LCC As many panels can be placed at the LCC as necessary for the FTTx architecture being used

  26. Work Order creation for connection from the NID to CO A full connectivity report is created technicians as well as status change for the customer drop A port availability dialogue appears to inform of available ports remaining at the LCC

  27. Work Orders and other reports can be output for printing

  28. Confirming the activation after the Work Order is completed. A tool for confirming the activation allows for NID serial and customer status change to “Active”.

  29. Confirming the activation after the Work Order is completed. Customer, termination, NID serial and light levels can now be reviewed at the NID

  30. Single splice reports can be run as well as schematic reports from the CO or cabinet

  31. Bentley FiberCase Studies

  32. Project objectives • - Streamline engineering processes • - Build an intelligent, sharable network model • - Leverage existing MicroStation maps • Fast facts • - GVTC provides telephone, broadband, security, and • cable television to more than 41,000 customers • - GVTC used Bentley Communication software to reduce • manpower requirements in Mapping, and • increase efficiency in Engineering • Customer service representatives access georeferenced • customer information via Bentley Publisher • Bentley products used • - MicroStation • - Bentley Redline • - Bentley Publisher • - Bentley Fiber • - Bentley Coax • - Bentley Inside Plant GVTC has been able to realize a 33% manpower saving in the Mapping department, and has increased the workload handled by their engineers…. “Bentley Communications software and Bentley Publisher put critical information at the fingertips of everyone in the GVTC organization. These tools offer everyone from Engineering to Sales the ability to access valuable information at any given time.” Lance Brodbeck, Manager Engineering and Construction

  33. Project objectives - To develop an intelligent HFC network model and mapping system Fast facts - Inside and outside plant are modeled in one system - Engineering calculations are performed during the design process Bentley products used - MicroStation - Bentley Fiber - Bentley Coax - Bentley Inside Plant “Previously, Blue Ridge used AutoCAD and manually performed the design calculatations. Semmel noted, “To design one node would take a designer two days manually, and it now takes less than a quarter of that time with the Bentley software.“ Mike Semmel, Engineering Design Manager

  34. Project objectives - Build intelligent network design, documentation, and management system for KeySpan’s fiber network – - Integrated inside and outside plant network model - Use the system for troubleshooting and outage analysis to optimize customer service Fast facts - KeySpan is a subsidiary of the fifth-largest gas distributor in the United States - KeySpan’s fiber network expansion was engineered from the ground up with Bentley Fiber and Bentley Inside Plant - The intelligent network model is used in network management and operations, and is shared with other departments such as customer billing Bentley products used - MicroStation - Bentley Fiber - Bentley Inside Plant “The reliability of the Bentley Communications software is superb. Zero hours downtime related to hardware, software, or data loss was recorded in the last three years. The data was kept at 98 percent real-time accuracy…..” James Commisso Lead Network Design Engineer

  35. A ‘Fiber to the Home’ Project • Project objectives • - Design, build, operate and maintain FttH network • One of the first in Holland • 7500 residences • 97% penetration • - Triple Play services • Internet (100 Mbit/s) • Telephony (VoIP) • Radio and Television • Fast facts • - VolkerWessels Telecom design, build, maintain and manage fixed, mobile and wireless networks • - Approximately 1.300 employees • - Branches in the Netherlands and Belgium • Bentley products used • - MicroStation • - Bentley Fiber • - Bentley Geo Web Publisher for Communciations

  36. Breedband Regio Eindhoven BAM Infratechniek Project objectives - Design, build and maintain a fiber optic network in the region Eindhoven. Fast facts - Participants include the municipalities of Eindhoven and Geldrop-Mierlo; an alliance of 6 hospitals, the technical university of Eindhoven and Philips High Tech Campus. - In the Netherlands, the network infrastructure is designed and constructed before it is actually filled with fiber cables - The location design msut be very accurate to obtain as it full formal approval to build rom local authorities and utilities - After the network infrastructure is ready, the fiber cables are inserted (blown) Bentley products used - MicroStation - Bentley Fiber

  37. Design and Management of Fiber Networks Bentley Fiber