report from wmo secretariat membership terms of reference organizing structure timeline of osc n.
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  1. Report from WMO Secretariat- Membership- Terms of Reference- Organizing Structure- Timeline of OSC RES/WWRD

  2. WMO Webpage on WWRP OSC

  3. Membership of the International Organizing Committee Guidelines * Expertise to accomplish the tasks in ToR * Geophysical, Gender, Developed/Developing Countries * Research, Operation, Academic, and User Communities * Cooperative/Collaborative Organizations

  4. Membership of the International Organizing Committee Co-Chair: Michel Béland, President of CAS Co-Chair: Alan Thorpe , Director General of ECMWFPresident-elect of ICSU: Dr. Gordon McBean Secretary General of IAMAS: Prof. Hans Volkert WMO Officials:Dr. Deon Terblanche, Director, Atmospheric Research Department of WMO, From Canada, David Grimes, Head, Met. Service of CanadaFrom USA: Dr. Louis Uccellini, AMS/NCEP representativeFrom Europe: Dr. Julia Slingo, Chief Scientist, MetOfficeFrom Asia: Dr. Meiyan Jiao, Deputy Administrator of CMAFrom Africa: Dr. Albert van Jaarsveld, President, National Research Foundation of South Africa From South America: Dr. Pedro Leite da Silva Dias, Director of LNSC (National Laboratory for Scientific Computation), Brazil.From Australia: Dr. Rob Vertessy, CEO Bureau of Meteorology From NSF, Dr. Roger Wakimoto, NSF Assistant Director for the Geosciences

  5. Terms of Reference of the International Organizing Committee • Provide overall leadership for the organization of the OSC • Provide oversight on the scientific and stakeholders science programme structures • Help Identify and or approve invited or keynote speakers • Provide oversight and contribute, as necessary to the financial, communications, sponsorships and technical planning • Make final decisions on matters related to the OSC overall budget, financial support to participants and sponsorships • Establish a Scientific Program Committee (SPC) and a User Program Committee (UPC): their mandates will be to define the format of the OSC, including the selection of conveners and of the abstracts for presentation at the OSC • Provide oversight to the Local Organizing Committee • Provide oversight to the venue (Congress Center) on all logistical arrangements • Ensure that the OSC is conducted in line with Canadian and WMO policies / procedures

  6. Organizing Structure of the International Organizing Committee IOC WMO Secretariat SPC UPC LOC Sponsorship Communications

  7. Ex-officio Membership of the International Organizing Committee Co-chairs of Scientific Program Committee Gilbert Brunet, Sarah Jones Co-chairs of User Program Committee David Rogers, Brian Mills Chair of Local Organizing Committee Chair of Sponsorship Committee Communications

  8. Timeline of the Open Science Conference December 2012 Establish the IOC January 2013 1st IOC meeting (Approve Co-chairs of the SPC and UPC) February 2013 Establish the SPC and UPC April 2013 1st SPC/UPC meeting to draft the Program ……. 11 months prior Start abstract submission and registration 6 months prior End abstract submission 4 months prior End registration 17-23 Aug. 2014 Conference

  9. Thank you for your attentionFor more information,please contact:World Weather Research Programmec/o World Meteorological Organization7 bis, avenue de la Paix – PO Box 2300 CH 1211 Geneva 2 – Switzerland Tel.:+41(0)227308111–Fax:+41(0)227308181 E-mail: Website: