start an addiva support group in your area n.
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Start an ADDiva support group in your area! PowerPoint Presentation
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Start an ADDiva support group in your area!

Start an ADDiva support group in your area!

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Start an ADDiva support group in your area!

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  1. Start an ADDivasupport group in your area! Seven steps to support group success

  2. What’s so special about seven? Seven Deadly Sins Seven Wonders of the World Seven Little Girls! Truth: seven is a number people remember (better than 8 or 6)

  3. How I became an “overnight” sensation Desperately seeking support No Triangle support groups Found – 21 people, all meetings canceled Now largest in the world – 580 members (not all attend!) What did I do right? And wrong?

  4. I made every mistake Missed a few meetings Used a rotating location (even I couldn’t find it) Had no agenda for the meeting Let people ramble and take over the meeting Ran ragged and got resentful Then things changed ….

  5. Step 1Use an established group CHADD High search engine ranking Automatic reminders and membership management Costs $19 a month Built-in audience Must be a CHADD member (one time fee) Rigid meeting rules Automatic reminders and announcements

  6. 2. Monthly meetings Keep them engaged Be consistent! Never miss a meeting. Never miss a meeting Never miss a meeting Get some help so you NEVER miss a meeting! • ADDivas lose interest without the energy of regular meetings • 60-90 min. to start, then be guided by the mood of the group – and your time!

  7. 3 Location, location, location It should work for YOU Where? Restaurant Church (yours? Others?) Community center Library Disability services center • Close to work or your home • It should be cheap or no cost, of course • Ignore the whiners; YOU are the spark behind the support.

  8. Create topics for each meeting Boring to keep discussing meds, when diagnosed, who is a good doctor, etc. Make it interesting to you (you can give info or find a willing volunteer from community or group). Topics? Skim ADHD books like “Confessions of an ADDiva!”

  9. Let people TALK! They are hungry to connect. Let them. But stay in control of the meeting or you will always run late (embarrassed grimace from me). Watch privacy issues. Make statement at each meeting. Protect your attendees!

  10. 6. Let people help Don’t be the Lone Ranger; you will soon be overwhelmed and resentful and the group will dissolve. Ask for HELP. People do want to help – Ellen and Ward, Mary, Jeannette and others! Book speakers 6 months in advance or more (argh – planning!)

  11. Set the tone for your gatherings…will they have? • Food? • Speaker? • Readings? • Book club? • Discussion? • Activities? 7 Be the spark! Your energy guides the group If you are dragging, the meeting will drag. People usually energize me even when I am tired.

  12. What to expect: Small meetings at first (take something to do) People will drop in and out – it’s not personal Usually people who show up first have a LOT of issues; multiple diagnosis, etc. The support group takes time, but it should NOT take over your life

  13. New ADDiva Network LIVE • In-person ADDiva Network support group in your area (ADDiva Network Houston; ADDiva Network Orlando) • You get upport with your support network • framework • Once a month coaching gym, drop in, drop out • Troubleshooting and encouragement • Topic ideas – a zillion of ‘em • How to find speakers

  14. Yeah, but what does it cost? • No secrets - $19 a month (for Meetup fees) and $100 for the start-up kit. • You get the first month of Meetup FREE (so initial investment is only $100) • Get a customized plan for your first six months • Would love to give it to you but Meetup charges ME so I have to charge YOU. • Ask for a small donation to cover the costs. Also ask for snacks and drinks!

  15. The world needs you Support groups can be simple and easy!

  16. Launches September, 2011