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Benchmark Review

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Benchmark Review
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Benchmark Review

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  1. Benchmark Review

  2. Excerpt from: Objections to the Constitution • “There is no declaration of rights; and , the laws of the general government being paramount to the laws and constitutions of the several states, the declaration of rights in the separate states are no security. Nor are the people secured even in the enjoyment of the benefit of the common law, which stands here upon no foundation than its having been adopted by the respective acts forming the constitutions of the several states…” • “…This government will commence in a moderate aristocracy: it is at present impossible to forsee whether it will, in its operation, produce a monarchy or a corrupt oppressive aristocracy; it will most probably vibrate some years between the two, and then terminate in the one or the other.”

  3. Question Why did George Mason object to the ratification of the US Constitution?

  4. Answer • Mason believed that the Constitution did not specifically protect the rights of the people.

  5. Question • What was George Mason’s goal in writing his objections to the ratification of the US Constitution?

  6. Answer • To prevent the government from becoming a monarchy or an aristocracy that is doomed to fail.

  7. Question • What does the phrase “the laws of the general government being paramount to the laws and constitutions of the several states” mean?

  8. Answer • That the laws of the federal government will be considered superior to those of the states.

  9. Question • Why did Federalists feel that a Bill of Rights was not necessary in the US Constitution?

  10. Question • Why did Federalists feel that a Bill of Rights was not necessary in the US Constitution?

  11. Answer • Federalists thought that rights were protected by states.

  12. Question • Why did Anti Federalists oppose a new Constitution?

  13. Answer • Anti Federalists favored strong state governments rather than a strong central government.

  14. Question • What did Federalists and Anti-Federalists agree upon?

  15. Answer • People should have a voice in government.

  16. Question • Which physical feature probably has the greatest positive effect on transportation in colonial North Carolina?

  17. Answer • Rivers

  18. Question • Why would the people of North Carolina relocate their capital from New Bern to Raleigh?

  19. Answer • Raleigh was centrally located between western and eastern NC

  20. Question • What was the major industry in the coastal plain?

  21. Answer • Large scale agriculture

  22. Question • What did the US state to Europe in the Monroe Doctrine?

  23. Answer • Colonization in the western hemisphere would be considered a sign of aggression?

  24. Question • Why was the Monroe Doctrine an important policy?

  25. Answer • It stated a new policy for European countries creating colonies.

  26. Question • What is an example of the enforcement of the Monroe Doctrine?

  27. Answer • Removing the Spanish from Cuba in the Spanish-American war.

  28. Question • What was the impact of tariffs passed in 1828 and 1832?

  29. Answer • SC created an Ordinance of Nullification to void the tariffs.

  30. Question • Why would the tariffs impact the South more than the North?

  31. Answer • The South relied more on manufactured imports.

  32. Question • Why was the South so upset about the passages of the tariffs?

  33. Answer • It thought that Congress was favoring the North.

  34. Question • Which is the best definition of the word nullify?

  35. Answer • Void

  36. Questions • What describes the distribution of railroads in 1860?

  37. Answer • Most railroads were located in the Northern part of the US.

  38. Question • Why were so many railroads built along the coast of the US?

  39. Answer • To give farmers and manufacturers access to seaports and trade routes.

  40. Question • As the country entered a period of Civil War, how would having more railroads be helpful to one side?

  41. Answer • Move troops faster • Transport supplies faster • Trade will prosper

  42. Question • Based on the image, what was the purpose of the Anaconda Plan?

  43. Answer • To surround the Southern states and cut off trade.

  44. Question • How would farmers in NC be affected by the Anaconda Plan?

  45. Answer • The plan would prevent farmers from shipping goods overseas.

  46. Question • What was the only major disagreement between the North and the South?

  47. Answer • Whether or not new territories should be open to slavery.

  48. Question • Why did the south secede from the Union?

  49. Answer • People in the Southern States were being denied their rights.