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Annapolis Bed and Breakfast PowerPoint Presentation
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Annapolis Bed and Breakfast

Annapolis Bed and Breakfast

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Annapolis Bed and Breakfast

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  1. Annapolis Bed and Breakfast

  2. Welcome to The Annapolitan, One of the Original Annapolis Bed and Breakfasts!

  3. Over one hundred years ago, the Annapolitan bed and breakfast became one of first venues in Annapolis to accommodate guests.

  4. The gorgeous colonial home, originally a farm, housed workers during the week before they headed back to their homes on eastern shore each weekend.

  5. Over the years, many things have changed at our quaint Annapolis bed and breakfast, but many things remain the same.

  6. The Annapolitan Bed and Breakfast continues hosting guests from near and far, providing quaint, cozy accommodations for those wishing to experience the maritime city of Annapolis.

  7. The Annapolitan is an Annapolis bed and breakfast that embodies colonial charm, unsurpassed hospitality and unmatched cleanliness.

  8. As a guest, you will enjoy gourmet, homemade breakfasts, complete with fresh juices and seasonal offerings.

  9. Each room at our Annapolis bed and breakfast includes custom decor, luxurious bedding and modern amenities, infused with historic charm.

  10. We offer a variety of specials, packages and seasonal offerings, such as girlfriend getaways, Navy specials, romantic retreats and more, so be sure to contact us to learn more.

  11. We look forward to welcoming you to one of the most charming, historic and hospitable bed and breakfasts in Annapolis very soon!

  12. The Annapolitan, one of the first bed and breakfasts in Annapolis, offers top-rated accommodations, gourmet breakfast and unmatched hospitality. Find more here: