a raisin in the sun act i questions n.
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A Raisin in the Sun Act I Questions PowerPoint Presentation
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A Raisin in the Sun Act I Questions

A Raisin in the Sun Act I Questions

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A Raisin in the Sun Act I Questions

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  1. A Raisin in the SunAct I Questions

  2. Why is Walter such an angry person? *Frustrated with being a chauffeur *Home life is not easy *Feels no one in the family supports or understands him

  3. Why does Walter want Ruth to talk to Mama? *Hopes Ruth can convince Mama to use the insurance money to buy his liquor store

  4. Why is Walter resentful toward Ruth? *Ruth does not give him enough support when it comes to his dreams

  5. What is Walter’s dream? *Quitting his job and becoming a business success *Liquor store with Willy Harris and Bobo

  6. What is Beneatha’s dream? *Becoming a doctor *Exceeding society’s expectations for women

  7. Why does Walter pick on his sister? *Sibling rivalry *Walter resents Bennie for her dream *She will use some of the insurance money

  8. What causes friction between Mama and Ruth? *Ruth is irritated when Mama tries to take over motherly roles with Travis

  9. Why is Mama opposed to the liquor store? *Religious *Walter does not have business experience

  10. What suggestion does Ruth make to Mama about the use of the money? How does Mama respond? *Take a vacation *She rejects it; thinks more about a house for the family

  11. Who was Big Walter? What do we learn about him? *Mama’s husband *Hardworking and dedicated to his family

  12. What causes the argument between Mama and Beneatha? *Beneatha says she is tired of hearing about God *In Mama’s house, there will ALWAYS be God

  13. Why does Ruth consider an abortion? *Depressed *Realizes their financial state, cramped apartment, and the shaky state of her marriage

  14. Who is Joseph Asagai? What are his attitudes towards Beneatha? How does she feel about him? Who is George Murchison? *College professor/tutor *From Nigeria *Loves Beneatha—cares enough to notice when she is unhappy *She likes Asagai, but not ready to commit *George is the wealthy man Beneatha is also dating *She does not dislike George, but she will never marry him

  15. How does Walter describe his frustration to Mama? *Walter is so frustrated at feeling stuck and powerless *He feels doomed

  16. How does Walter disappoint Mama? *Mama expects Walter to provide support and encouragement for Ruth *Instead he walks out probably to get drunk

  17. Nicely Done!