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jacquard fabric

jacquard fabric

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jacquard fabric

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  1. HaiNing JinTian Textile Co.,Ltd Jacquard Fabric Reading Guide 1. Jacquard Fabric Dedinition 2. Jacquard Fabric Classification * Woven Jacquard Fabric * Knit Jacquard Fabric * Dobby Jacquard Fabirc * Satin Jacquard Fabric 3. Jacquard Fabric Factory Samples 4. Jacquard Fabric Application 1. Jacquard Fabric Dedinition Jacquard fabric is also called flower fabric. Warp or weft yarn is lift to exhibit a three-dimensional shape while weaving. Each floating-point connection forms a variety of design patterns. Jacquard fabric applications are very wide, such as for bedding, curtains, blankets, artwork and other textiles. Email: Telephone: +86-573-87987880 Mobile: +86 13736849818

  2. HaiNing JinTian Textile Co.,Ltd 2. Jacquard Fabric Classification In accordance with the basic principles of contexture, jacquard fabric can be divided into: woven jacquard fabric and knitted jacquard fabric. Woven Jacquard Fabric Woven jacquard fabric refers to the dress fabric woven in woven or silk looms with interweave principle of the warp and weft. According to the raw materials can be divided into two categories: 1) Cotton (including fiber) main raw material products: including cotton jacquard fabric, elastic jacquard fabric, polyester-cotton jacquard fabric, terry jacquard fabric, denim jacquard fabric, dyeing large jacquard fabric, double-sided computer jacquard fabric, chenille jacquard fabric, and so on. Mainly used for clothing, decorative items, bed linings. Email: Telephone: +86-573-87987880 Mobile: +86 13736849818

  3. HaiNing JinTian Textile Co.,Ltd 2) The filament-based raw materials products: all kinds of jacquard silk, satin, brocade, silk, textile, etc., including silk jacquard tapestry products. Silk jacquard fabric can make fine patterns such as: silk portraits, landscapes, and jacquard flowers Dragon on the quilts. It is used for clothing, bedding, decorative items. Email: Telephone: +86-573-87987880 Mobile: +86 13736849818

  4. HaiNing JinTian Textile Co.,Ltd Knit jacquard fabric knit jacquard fabric has various categories. According to the structure, it can be divided into single-sided and double-sided; by color can be divided into monochrome and multicolor. Single-sided jacquard fabric according to similarity of coil size can be divided into uniform and non-uniform jacquard organization. The uneven jacquard is widely used in socks and outerwear fabric. Double knit jacquard fabric according to the structure is divided into completely and incomplete jacquard. Incomplete jacquard is more widely used for its clear pattern-shape structural stability and ductility. Email: Telephone: +86-573-87987880 Mobile: +86 13736849818

  5. HaiNing JinTian Textile Co.,Ltd Email: Telephone: +86-573-87987880 Mobile: +86 13736849818

  6. HaiNing JinTian Textile Co.,Ltd Monochrome Jacquard fabric is firstly woven by the Jacquard loom before dying. It is usually in a solid color; multicolor jacquard fabric is firstly yarn dyed then woven in Jacquard loom, so there are two or more colors. It is rich in colors, in high grade. Weft knitted jacquard fabric pattern can be arbitrarily varied within a certain range, it is widely used in a variety of garments and decorative items. Email: Telephone: +86-573-87987880 Mobile: +86 13736849818

  7. HaiNing JinTian Textile Co.,Ltd Email: Telephone: +86-573-87987880 Mobile: +86 13736849818

  8. HaiNing JinTian Textile Co.,Ltd In accordance with jacquard pattern, it can be classified into dobby jacquard fabric and satin jacquard fabric. Dobby Jacquard Fabric Dobby jacquard fabric pattern is not an ordinary printed, nor embroidered, but woven out by yarn. The pattern is differed by the changes in the organizational structure of warp and weft. Warp and weft yarn is interwoven to constitute a different pattern. Usually dobby jacquard fabric is thin, and very soft, very dense. It has high demands to the cotton, the yarns should be fine enough, usually around 40s. Also count the greater, the thinner; the smaller, the thicker. Thickness depends on the number of branches of your fabric. Dobby jacquard fabric count generally is about 40. Dobby jacquard fabric is made by dobby loom with two or more kinds of fabric change to form a variety of small patterns on the fabric surface. Usually it has small patterns in same or different color with the base fabric in plain or twill configure organizations. The common patterns of dobby jacquard fabric are line, stripe lattice, scatter pattern. Email: Telephone: +86-573-87987880 Mobile: +86 13736849818

  9. HaiNing JinTian Textile Co.,Ltd Dobby jacquard fabric looks tight, delicate and careful, the pattern is not very prominent, exaggerated, and is more often used for thin fabric. Satin Jacquard Fabric Satin jacquard fabric is a two-layer or multi-layer thick fabric with complex organizational structure. It is famous for its pattern characteristics and usage. Unlike dobby jacquard fabric, it has different techniques. For consumers, the most obvious difference is that stain jacquard fabric is able to weave much richer pattern than mini jacquard fabric. Satin jacquard fabric feels full, thick texture. It is extremely wear resistant. Satin jacquard fabric has good air permeability, sitting comfortable, no stuffy or tide feeling. With hierarchical pattern, it creates three-dimensional effect. Therefore, with respect to the general fabric, Satin jacquard fabric is more comfortable, durable, with beautiful flowers, and more suitable for household use. Email: Telephone: +86-573-87987880 Mobile: +86 13736849818

  10. HaiNing JinTian Textile Co.,Ltd Satin jacquard fabric is large pattern fabric woven with jacquard. The number of yarn count of the full warp pattern varies from several hundred to more than thousands of roots. Jacquard towel, jacquard blankets, silk fabric in many Jacquard weave pattern all are satin jacquard fabric. Email: Telephone: +86-573-87987880 Mobile: +86 13736849818

  11. HaiNing JinTian Textile Co.,Ltd 3. Jacquard Fabric Samples Velour jacquard fabric Super soft 100% polyester velour jacquard fabric composition: 100% polyester yarn count: 75D/144F width: 58/60"cm weight: 180-350gsm Email: Telephone: +86-573-87987880 Mobile: +86 13736849818

  12. HaiNing JinTian Textile Co.,Ltd Double sided jacquard fabric/ Clothing fabric/50%rayon50%polyeste Jacquard Fabric Price: US $1.3 - 1.31 / Meter Material: Rayon / Polyester Density: 210*88 Weight: 145gsm Technics: Woven Yarn Count: 75D*32S Brand Name: Microfine Email: Telephone: +86-573-87987880 Mobile: +86 13736849818

  13. HaiNing JinTian Textile Co.,Ltd fabric curtain wholesale / jacquard curtain fabric / curtain fabric Material: 100% polyester Usage: Curtain,Bedding,Cushion,Tablecloth etc. Weight: 380-580GSM Density: 126*21-28 100% cotton printed thermal knit fabric jacquard knitting fabric Email: Telephone: +86-573-87987880 Mobile: +86 13736849818

  14. HaiNing JinTian Textile Co.,Ltd Customized: professional jacquard fabric manufacturer, reasonable jacquard fabric price. jacquard fabric factory is located in hainig with nice quality and service. High quality elour jacquard fabric manufacturer INTERTEK SGS certification Competitive velour jacquard fabric price Reliable velour jacquard fabric factory 4. Jacquard Fabric Application Jacquard fabric has a very broad application. It can not only for making casual pants, sportswear, suits, etc., but it is the bed material. Garments made of such dress fabric are comfortable, and very popular. "Stretch satin jacquard fabric is used in big bright polyester FDY 50D * DTY75D + spandex 40D as raw material, satin weave in jet loom woven. Since the warp yarn is large bright silk, making the fabric has a charm light. Stretch satin jacquard fabric has the advantages of light, thin, flexible, comfortable, shiny. Email: Telephone: +86-573-87987880 Mobile: +86 13736849818

  15. HaiNing JinTian Textile Co.,Ltd Fashion Jacquard Fabric Shoes Jacquard Fabric Dress for Elegant Women Email: Telephone: +86-573-87987880 Mobile: +86 13736849818

  16. HaiNing JinTian Textile Co.,Ltd Jacquard Fabric socks are very warm Email: Telephone: +86-573-87987880 Mobile: +86 13736849818