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waterproof fabric

waterproof fabric

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waterproof fabric

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  1. HaiNing JinTian Textile Co.,Ltd Waterproof Fabric Reading Guide  History of Waterproof Fabric  Definition of Waterproof Fabric  Working Principle of Waterproof Fabric  Waterproof Fabric Characteristics  How to Wash Waterproof Fabric  Classification of Waterproof Fabric  Waterproof Fabric Factory Samples 1. History of Waterproof Fabric Waterproof fabric is invented by Charles Macintosh, who is a Scottish chemist. After centuries of development, waterproof fabric has made many great improvements. Gore Tex waterproof fabric is a light waterproof fabric invented by American WLGore & Associates, Inc. It is thin, strong and durable, has waterproof, breathable and windproof function. It breaks through the general shortcomings of impermeability of waterproof fabric, known as the "Century of the cloth." GORE-TEX waterproof fabric is not only widely used in aerospace, military and medical aspects, but also used by the world's top brand, made of a wide range of casual clothing line. Email: Telephone: +86-573-87987880 Mobile: +86 13736849818

  2. HaiNing JinTian Textile Co.,Ltd 2. Definition of Waterproof Fabric Waterproof fabric is a new kind of textile fabric. It is compounded with polymer waterproof breathable materials (PTFE membrane) plus fabrics. Among all waterproof fabrics, breathable waterproof fabric is a high-class one. The main functions of waterproof fabric are: waterproof, breathability, insulation, windproof and warm. Speaking from the production process, technical requirements of breathable waterproof fabric are generally much higher than other common fabric; also from the quality point of view, breathable waterproof fabric also has some distinct functional characteristics. Breathable waterproof fabric at the same time of strengthening the fabric airtight, watertight, while its unique vapor permeability properties allow moisture inside the Email: Telephone: +86-573-87987880 Mobile: +86 13736849818

  3. HaiNing JinTian Textile Co.,Ltd structure quickly discharged, to avoid breeding mold. And it can always keep the body dry, the perfect solution for breathable and windproof, waterproof, thermal and other issues. Breathable waterproof fabric is an environmentally friendly new fabric. High-quality waterproof fabric is free from the water seepage problem even in humid climates for a long time. For example, if you walk in wind and rain for a long time outdoors, kneeling or sitting on the wet ground, waterproof fabric clothes won’t have water seepage. 3. Working Principle of Waterproof Fabric In the state of water vapor, water particles are very small. According to the principle of capillary movement, it can successfully penetrate into the other side of capillary, which causes vapor permeability phenomenon. When water vapor condensed and becomes larger water droplets, due to the surface tension of water droplets, water molecules cannot penetrate the water drops smoothly to the other side. Email: Telephone: +86-573-87987880 Mobile: +86 13736849818

  4. HaiNing JinTian Textile Co.,Ltd It prevents the water penetration, so that the vapor permeable membrane is equipped with waterproof function. Waterproof fabric is a kind of chemical textile fabric with polyester waterproof fabric as the domination. Waterproof fabric manufacturer in China is concentrate in Jiangsu province such as Shengze Town, Wujiang City. There is another place with massive waterproof fabric factory, which is Shaoxing. These two places concentrate 99% of capacity of China waterproof fabric.. Waterproof fabric is a very common kind of furniture fabric which is widely used in umbrellas, raincoats and other articles of daily use. 4. Waterproof Fabric Characteristics Sliding: waterproof fabric and breathable polyester waterproof fabric with Teflon coating has a lower coefficient of friction. The loaded sliding friction is only in the values of 0.05-0.15. Heat resistance: waterproof fabric has excellent resistance to heat and low temperature. It can bear the high temperature to 300 ℃, it generally can be used continuously between 240 ℃ ~ 260 ℃, with significant thermal stability. Waterproof fabric can work without embrittlement in freezing temperature. Email: Telephone: +86-573-87987880 Mobile: +86 13736849818

  5. HaiNing JinTian Textile Co.,Ltd Not sticky: breathable waterproof fabric and polyester waterproof fabric is treated with Teflon coating adhesion. Though a thin film, it also shows a good waterproof, anti-oil pollution function. Moisture resistance: waterproof fabric won’t stick on any water and oil stain. If it is stuck with a small amount of sticky dirt, just simply wipe is clean, which saves time and improves efficiency. Wear resistance: waterproof fabric under high load has excellent wear resistance. It is durable. Corrosion resistance: nylon and polyester waterproof fabric is almost free from drugs erosion, to protect parts from any kind of chemical corrosion. Through the above description it can be seen that compared to the conventional cloth fabric, waterproof fabric has the properties of heat resistance, moisture resistance and wear resistance. More importantly, it overcomes the usual problem of rain erosion of other fabric. Email: Telephone: +86-573-87987880 Mobile: +86 13736849818

  6. HaiNing JinTian Textile Co.,Ltd [waterproof fabric bag] 5. How to Wash Waterproof Fabric All the E-PTFE films clothes are machine washable. There is no permanent waterproof performance loss after washing. The main considerations: 1, you need to pull up all of your jacket zip, fasten buttons, stickers, otherwise it will cause distortion of the waterproof fabric. 2, Do not add fabric softener - softener may cause adhesive strip, fit film out of the lining, then the clothes will be scrapped. 3, do not use hot water, warm water – waterproof fabric is afraid of high temperature. Email: Telephone: +86-573-87987880 Mobile: +86 13736849818

  7. HaiNing JinTian Textile Co.,Ltd [Tablecloth Waterproof Fabric ] 4. Usually roller washing machine id better than pulsator one, but not required. It does less damage to the waterproof fabric. 5. Do not spin-dry. Waterproof fabric itself has quick0drying property, and it won’t absorb a lot of water. It takes little time to hang dry. 6. If you are unsure whether the liquid detergent containing softener (most contain), please use washing powder instead. 6.Classification of Waterproof Fabric Email: Telephone: +86-573-87987880 Mobile: +86 13736849818

  8. HaiNing JinTian Textile Co.,Ltd There are two types of waterproof fabric from the aspect of process. Born waterproof fabric uses PTFE film to achieve waterproof effect. While production, special materials and special techniques are used so that the fabric produced have waterproof function, such as micro-molecular technologies. While waterproof, it is also breathable. Water droplets sprinkle on top of the fabric, the back is not wet. If you put the fabric on the kettle spout, you can see steaming out from the other side of the breathable waterproof fabric. [Food Safe Waterproof Fabric Bag] Acquired waterproof fabric, the fabric itself is ordinary, has no waterproof effect. After special post-processing, it has waterproof features, such as: coated with waterproof coating, spray some waterproof reagents. This is the most common waterproof fabric in the market. It is mainly used for bags, tents, assembling wardrobes. Its disadvantage is that as time goes on, waterproof effect will be weakened. Generally waterproof fabric relies on post-processing. It is common fabric with a layer of waterproof coat. Born waterproof fabric has obvious advantages, but for reasons of raw materials, technology and Email: Telephone: +86-573-87987880 Mobile: +86 13736849818

  9. HaiNing JinTian Textile Co.,Ltd other aspects of higher prices, mainly used in outdoor apparel fabrics, bags, tents and other objects primarily is acquired waterproof fabric. [Waterproof Fabric Boots] 7. Waterproof Fabric Samples PU blue fabric weft knitting spandex material waterproof fabrics Waterproof Fabric Price : US $5.7 - 10 / Kilogram Min.Order Quantity: 300 Kilogram/Kilograms Supply Ability: 100000 Kilogram/Kilograms per Month Port: Shanghai Email: Telephone: +86-573-87987880 Mobile: +86 13736849818

  10. HaiNing JinTian Textile Co.,Ltd Payment Terms: L/C,T/T,Western Union Durable waterproof fabric Manufacturer Price Product Type: Spandex Fabric        Material: Spandex / Polyester Type: Stretch Fabric Pattern: waterproof fabrics Use: Garment, Lingerie, Sportswear, Suit, Underwear, Other Yarn Count: 75D 72F+30D Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China (Mainland) Email: Telephone: +86-573-87987880 Mobile: +86 13736849818

  11. HaiNing JinTian Textile Co.,Ltd Waterproof fabric for winter jackets 1. Width: Usually,150cm (58''-60'') , can also make according to customers' requirements 2. Weight: Make according to customers' requirements 3. Color: According to customers' requirements 4. Characteristics: waterproof fabrics 5. Usage: Be widely used forswimming cap,garment,dress,swimwear,lingerie,underwear,home textile. Email: Telephone: +86-573-87987880 Mobile: +86 13736849818

  12. HaiNing JinTian Textile Co.,Ltd Taffeta raincoat waterproof fabric Composition: Polyester spandex breathable waterproof fabric with polyurethane cover Certification: INTERTEK SGS Weight: 160GSM-260GSM Width: 57/58" ( Adjustable ) Color: Pantone colors or as customers' sample Use: Jacket, Garment, Suit, Sportswear and so on Email: Telephone: +86-573-87987880 Mobile: +86 13736849818

  13. HaiNing JinTian Textile Co.,Ltd Email: Telephone: +86-573-87987880 Fax: +86-573-87987889 Email: Telephone: +86-573-87987880 Mobile: +86 13736849818