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Mighty Mammoth PowerPoint Presentation
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Mighty Mammoth

Mighty Mammoth

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Mighty Mammoth

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  1. Mighty Mammoth By: Joey Fossils dun dundunnn standing tall Mammoth ,Mammoth on the wall who is the fattest one of all?! Adaptations for the mighty mammoth! When a baby mammoth is born, it weighs about 200 pounds. In 6months to 1 year, a mammoth weighs up to 250 pounds. Mammoth tusks weigh 300 pounds. Some weigh 360 pounds or more. Mammoth’s fur helps it stay warm. Mammoth fur is part of its weight. From my personal guess, a mammoth’s fur can probably weigh up to 150 pounds when fully grown Mammoths diet or prey. mammoths are erbavors that means they don’t Kill animals they eat plants, twigs, low tree branches, leaves, grass, bushes, and shrubs. Now you can see that mammoth prey is easy to catch. mammoths tusks help them alot. They use them for tools such as knocking down trees. Mammoth tusks are also used for defense like if an animal or person tries to attack it it will use its enormous tusks to attack back. Mammoths have large teeth to help them chew leaves, twigs, low tree branches, grass, shrubs, and bushes.

  2. Staying Safe The Life Cycle Frogs have many adaptations to protect themselves. Some frogs, such as the blue poison dart frog have poisonous skin. Most frogs that are poisonous have brightly colored skin. This warns other animals that these frogs are not safe to eat. Some frog use camouflage to protect them selves. They blend into the trees, plants or dirt where they live. Camouflaged frog Blue Poison Dart Frog Frogs in Danger Frog habitats are being destroyed. When humans cut down trees, some frogs have no place to live. Pollution is also harmful to frogs. Their thin skin absorbs the chemicals and they can die. Scientists are working hard to protect frogs so that different kinds of frogs do not become extinct. Famous Frogs