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  1. SPACE AND MISSILE DEFENSE WORKING GROUP Happy Holidays 18 December 2014 Meeting

  2. Agenda • Welcome and Introductions • SMDWG Charter • Introduction of Special Guest • Additional Briefings • Hugh Stanley – Kickstart – Industry Updates • Trumors Remembrances: Ray Bouldin (12/23/49-12/6/14) Tracey Pinson (09/18/57-12/14/14)

  3. Agenda • Welcome and Introductions • Host Welcome - Quantum Research International, Inc. • New Members / First Time Attendees • SMDWG Charter • Why the SMDWG exists

  4. SMDWG Charter Space and Missile Defense Working Group (SMDWG) Charter Background The SMDWG is formed to respond to our civic responsibility to assist in the decision making process on issues pertaining to space and ballistic missile defense. Scope The Scope of the SMDWG is to Educate the general population and elected representation on space and ballistic missile defense. Membership Membership is open to all individuals in government, industry, and the community. SMDWG members must belong to the NDIA or an affiliate.

  5. Guest Introduction • Introduction of Special Guest Mr. Steve Lines, CISSP, CISA, CISM, CRISC Executive Director Defense Industrial Base (DIB) Information Sharing Analysis Center (ISAC)

  6. Mr. Steve Lines Mr. Lines has over forty years’ experience in the security field, including twenty years as a peace officer, 20 years in developing and implementing security procedures for industry and State Government in Colorado, Nevada, California Georgia and Alabama.

  7. Mr. Steve Lines He is the past Director of information Assurance and Crisis Management at SAIC where his team led responses to major nation state cyber-attacks as well as responding to natural crisis events such as Katrina, Wildfires in California and the Tornado outbreaks of 2011.  Mr. Lines’ experience also includes developing internal controls for Lottery industries in Georgia and South Carolina as well as the Division of Gaming for the State of Colorado.

  8. Mr. Steve Lines Mr. Lines is the past Internal Affairs and SWAT commander for the Aurora Police Department in Colorado where he was awarded the Medal of Honor for his service. He attended the University of Colorado in Boulder, majoring in Aerospace Engineering, and Metro State College, studying Public Administration. He is currently completing his Masters in Information Security at the University of Fairfax.   He is the past vice chair for the Network Security Information Exchange for the Communications ISAC as well as founder of the Defense Industrial Base Information Sharing and Analysis Center (DIB ISAC).

  9. Additional Briefings Bob Arnone, Get It Right Rish Woods, Catalyst Partners Debbie Fraley, WID STEM Report Hugh Stanley, Kick Start Report Happy Holidays

  10. Trumors • Programs and Timelines • Organization Changes • Personnel/Leadership Changes • Industry and Industry Leadership Changes • Significant Events or Prognostications in Space and Missile Defense

  11. SMDWG Schedule • 15 January 2015 Meeting Special Guest and Location - TBD

  12. SMDWG Leadership • Officers: • Treasurer: Bob Darnall • Secretary: Mike Roddy • Deputy Chair: Ray Baker • Chair: Joe Fitzgerald