the more the intake of vitamins the lower the risk of deficiencies n.
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Best Vitamins for healthier Life PowerPoint Presentation
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Best Vitamins for healthier Life

Best Vitamins for healthier Life

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Best Vitamins for healthier Life

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  1. The More The Intake Of Vitamins The Lower The Risk Of Deficiencies Vitamins are capable of diminishing the signs and period of the illness and offer natural resistance power against bacterial and viral infections. Most of the required vitamins are available in the foods we take and some of them should be included by supplements.

  2. Prevention and cure of colds: Different dosage of zinc vitamins prevents and treats colds depending of the body conditions, which will be prescribed by a doctor. This is also capable of curing fever and muscle ache. Zinc is more vital for pregnant ladies, since it will have a positive impact on the growth of the baby.

  3. Maintaining a healthy body A multipart of B-vitamins including 50 mg, based on the exacting vitamin, of every necessary B-vitamin is vitamin b 50 complex. This includes vitamins B-1 to B-3, B5 to B7, B-9 and B-12. This combination is manufactured since B vitamins works well in our body when all of these are combined together.

  4. Conversion of our food into energy Thevitamin b2 riboflavin converts the foods we take into glucose, which is in turn used to produce energy. They also assist the body metabolize proteins and fats and are essential for healthy texture, hair, liver and eyes. It is also used to improve the production of red blood cells. Symptoms of deficiency of vitamin B2 include problems in the digestive systems, sores around mouth corners and throat.

  5. Production of new cells and neurotransmitters in the brain Folate, a natural form of vitamin found in our food is nothing but vitamin B9, which is soluble in water. This vitamin is very essential for enabling our body to absorb the other components of B complex. Folate vitamins are badly required for the generation of fresh cells, which includes cells of hair and skin and white and red blood cells.

  6. Development of hormones in the body The other two forms of vitamin b3 niacin are niacinamide and inositolhexanicotinate but have distinct effects from vitamin b3. Rice, wheat, fish and peanuts are some of the rich source of this vitamin.