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  1. Long times ago in Martinsburg was a small town, in 1970 the railroad pass through a city and the factories were built. Workers moved to downtown and many small businesses were opened. The town became urban.

  2. The owner used assembly line system to organize the industry. In fast-food business most of workers were teenagers and they still study in high school. Why they have to work? Teenager works in fast-food business because they have to earn money for their supplies and some of them usually don't have family support.

  3. McDonald's growing very fast everything in fast food restaurant need to be fast. Food in McDonald's need to put in the freezer ,and everyday in the morning workers have to remove the frozen food pancake, bacon,muffins and biscuit for selling.

  4. Mcjobs is a job for workers have to work long hours,low wages,Lack of health insurance and little opportunity. the workers don't have a good future.

  5. Workers worked on McJob ,many times the manager didn't let them go out on time . so most of worker still study in high school, they could get in trouble for next day. if they have test. Many workers started the union.

  6. A union is a group of people that call for what they want ;such as more money and better work conditions.

  7. McDonald's was opposed to have a union because they didn't want to pay a lot of money to the workers,and when workers started the union, it affected Business.

  8. In 2000,Pascal and Maxine were workers in Mcdonald's , they started a union ,because they wanted good condition and minimum wages supported by "CNTU"(Canadian Confederation of national trade union) .They challenged with McDonald's in court ,and they won.

  9. PICTURES This is the character that McDonald's use to bring their customers. This picture show how the worker that work in McDonald's don't have a good future.