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  1. Presentation Movement Music Execution Impression Interaction (pairs & DD)

  2. Music - Beat • Jumping to the beat of the music • The percentage of the total time of the routine which is jumped to the beat • Landing on the beat, or landing on every other beat, or jumping on the beat • Every 5 seconds decide to mark a “B” for jumping on the beat or blank for not jumping to the beat

  3. Music - Accents • Jumping or landing a skill at a special moment or a recognisable time in the piece of music selected • There “should” be an accent in the first four to six beats of the routine • There “should” be an accent at the end of the routine – if the ending pose is executed as the music ends • Mark an “A” each time you notice an accent

  4. Execution • A deduction is given for every skill not performed well or performed with bad posture • Like jumping with head downwards all the time • Banana push-ups • Deep knee bends to complete a multiple • Mark an “E” each time you see bad technique

  5. Movement • Movement points are awarded for continuously moving • The amount of time during the routine that the athlete(s) moves while executing skills increases their score for movement. • Every 5 seconds mark an M if the athlete stayed in one spot, or blank if the athlete moved

  6. Interactions • The interaction element only applies to single rope pairs, single rope team and double dutch routines • Do the jumpers interact with each other • Do the turners switch and conduct exchanges Mark an I whenever an interaction occurs Total the number of I’s at the end of the routine and note this on your scoresheet.

  7. B E A M(I) • Repeat the mantra “BEAM” or “BEAMI” over and over (try for 10 to 15 BEAMs for each routine) • Beat Execution Accent Movement • B did they jump to the beat • E were any skills performed with bad technique • A did the jumper(s) land a skill on an accent • M did the jumper(s) stay in one spot • I interactions in pairs and double dutch routines • A good routine will have lots of B’s, few or no E’s, lots of A’s and few or no M’s

  8. Impression • What was the overall impression of the routine? • Did the routine keep you engaged? • Did you see a lot of creative and artistic skills? • Were there any special, original or unique moves? • Was the routine spectacular or stunning? • Was the audience entertained? • Would you keep watching this routine if you didn’t have to?