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  1. LOVE Chua JieSi (100 133 36 92) Nadya Yusrina (100 123 23 66) Ong Lu Jing (100 102 69 18) RazninaYakub (100 102 47 47)

  2. Consumer Insight girls never feel satisfied of themselves Girls should believe in themselves, be confident and LOVE themselves Realistic (current situation) Ideal (hopeful situation)

  3. T-PLAN • Target Audience Urban young adult girls in Malaysia aged 16-25 years old • Target Objectives To deliver the “Love Yourself by Using Enchanteur LOVE Perfume” message to the target audience • Target Belief Girls should believe in themselves, be confident and love themselves • Target Reaction The audience will take the message positively • Target Action The audience have the motivation to purchase Enchanteur LOVE Perfume

  4. Consumer & Copywriting Category • CYNICAL (emotional and likable category) Provocation will make the audience think twice and realize that loving themselves is a must • CONFORMIST (emotional and likable category) Risk takers and people who more open to ideas and suggestion will take the ideas easier and love to try new things • Likable -> using girly colors (pink, peach, red) and girly elements (flowers, love shaped) • Emotional -> portraying confidence and a happy lifestyle through happy expressions, happy tunes and lively visuals

  5. Print Ad Standard Layout (Headline, Image, Call to Action) • Techniques: Present Time & First Person Prompt Verb-Noun: Have You Love Yourself? Prompt Noun User: Be optimistic, be happy, Smile, Use Enchanteur • Fonts: Modern Handwriting & Sans Serif for body copy (personal approach and makes it more real & believable) + Attractive girly layout that brings positive feelings towards the audience - The poster could be made more elegant and exclusive as the perfume bottles are

  6. Direct Mail (Qualify) Sub-headline, (Uniques) Headline & Call to Action with promotion at the back side • Techniques: Prompt Noun-User -> “Love is who you are” • Font -> Modern Handwriting & Sans Serif for body copy (personal approach and makes it more real & believable) • Color -> Likable, pink and bone white + Interesting 3D direct mail, higher chance to attract consumers - The making process is more complicated than a promotion voucher because it’s using flowers, box, ribbon and double sided tags

  7. Radio Ad [BGM : Background Music (Instrumental) Starts] FVO : Okay, I’m ready to go out! FVO : Oh no, forgot to use my Enchanteur Love [SFX : Perfume Sprays] FVO : Hmm…It just smells so good and refreshing! FVO : Enchanteur love, is all about me [BGM : (Jingle) Love love love love love is all about you] [BGM : (Jingle) Enchanteur Love is only for you] [BGM : Background Music Stops] VO : Visit or enchanteurmy for more information

  8. Radio Ad Theme : Logical Structure : First Person Monologue Structure : Bed (Pitch + Song) Technique : Prompt Noun-user “Love is all about you” + Brings a happy feeling to the audience, attracts teenagers by portraying a girl’s daily life routine and makes them feel and think “Oh I am like that too, I shall start to love my self more and try using Enchanteur LOVE Perfume too” - Likable category will not be strong enough with only one sound effect

  9. Media Planning Radio - Red FM

  10. Media Planning Radio - Mix FM

  11. Video / TV Ad Title : Love is All About You Product : Enchanteur LOVE Perfume Length : 30 seconds Category : Likable and Emotional Techniques : Present & First Person Point of View, Prompt Noun-user “Love is all about you” + Brings a happy feeling to the audience, attracts teenagers by portraying a pretty girl’s perfect routine and makes them want to be one by using Enchanteur LOVE Perfume - Will not work at all for judgmental and cautious people

  12. Scene 1 Scene 1 Ringing alarm (3 secs) • Video : (MA, CU) The alarm is ringing, showing it’s 8 o’clock on Sunday morning. • SFX : Ringing alarm sound

  13. Scene 2 Scene 2 Wake up (5 secs) • Video : (MA, MS) A pretty girl, Lily, wakes up with a  upon her face • BGM : Enchanteur Song Starts (“Wake up with  this will be a happy day”)

  14. Scene 3 Scene 3 Checking the phone (5 secs) • Video : (HA, CU) Lily is checking her phone and getting likes and bad comments on her status, showing there are some people who like her & there are some people who do not. After she’s checking, she will close it to show that she does not care. • BGM : Enchanteur Song Starts (“The world is crazy outside oh please I do not care”)

  15. Scene 4 Scene 4 Getting ready (5 secs) • Video : (MA, LS) Lily is ready to go out. She’s wearing a nice dress & looking her reflection on the mirror happily, and then bubbles thought appear when Lily is wondering to use Enchanteur Love. This is to show how she feels good about herself and how confident she is, as the tagline of Enchanteur: “Love Yourself, Enchanteur Love is all about You” • BGM : Enchanteur Song Starts (“You are perfect & you know that it’s true”)

  16. Scene 5 Scene 5 Spraying the Enchanteur Love (5 secs) • Video : (MA, MS) Lily’s spraying the Enchanteur Love Perfume and the scene is will be portraying Lily’s happier (wide smile) expression after spraying it • BGM : Enchanteur Song Starts (“Believe in yourself cause no one compares to you”)

  17. Scene 6 Scene 6 Showing the product (7 secs) • Video : (MA, CU) Showing & focusing the Enchanteur Love Perfume on Lily’s table after she’s done using it, along with the Enchanteur logo, tagline, website and Facebook page address (come in at the last 4 seconds). • BGM : Enchanteur Song Ends (“Oh Enchanteur Love, is only for you”)

  18. Media Planning Television • Before Maghrib Azan advertisements slots. • News Slots for TV1, TV3, NTV7, using block option. Means, our ads at all channels in the same time.

  19. Appendix Enchanteur Song: Love is All About YouChords & Lyrics (Soprano Ukulele GCEA standard tuning, without capo) C G Wake up with smile this will be a happy day  C F The world is crazy outside but please I will not care  C G Girl you are perfect and you know that is true  C F Believe in yourself cause no one compares to you  C G Am F La la la la la la la la la  la la la la la la la la la la la la (2x) C F C Love love love love love  is all about you C F C Oh Enchanteur Love is all about you C F C Oh Enchanteur Love is only for you

  20. THANK Y U