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Mobi Control. MOBILE DEVICE MANAGEMENT. Why Do I need Mobi Control?. Provide Remote Helpdesk support to users Rapid Diagnostics & Remote Troubleshooting Real-time or scheduled delivery of software & data Efficient Rapid Configuration / Provisioning of mobile devices

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  2. Why Do I need MobiControl? • Provide Remote Helpdesk support to users • Rapid Diagnostics & Remote Troubleshooting • Real-time or scheduled delivery of software & data • Efficient Rapid Configuration / Provisioning of mobile devices • Track / Manage devices, software & data • Ensure security and maximize “up” time

  3. How does MobiControl Help? • Centralize and standardize management • IT staff can manage all devices remotely using rules for a device or group of devices • Automate configuration / updating of devices • Rules & automatic cloning of settings allow easier and cost effective provisioning of devices • Remotely troubleshoot, diagnose and repair • Reduce downtime and device returns • Remotely assist mobile users • Provide over-the-air assistance to users in the field

  4. Scenario 1 – Remote Support • Problem: Remote user is in the field, and they forget how to perform a certain function • Solution:Use Remote Control to provide immediate assistance to the user in the field

  5. Scenario 2 – Initial Device Provisioning • Problem: During rollout of new mobile devices, it can take up to 15 minutes to manually configure each device’s options, security, wireless settings, registry etc. • Solution: • Configure 1 device with all desired settings • Use MobiControl’s provisioning capabilities to automate configuration for 50, 1000 or 20000 other mobile devices! • Reduce configuration time per device from minutes to seconds.

  6. Scenario 3 – Problem Resolution • Problem: A user is experiencing a problem with the device (e.g. An application will not run) • Solution: • Utilize MobiControl’s advanced device diagnostics to identify and rectify problems.

  7. Scenario 4 – Device Security • Problem: An organization wants to limit end-user’s access on the device, to prevent settings/data corruption, as well as ensure only authorized users can utilize the device. • Solution: MobiControl’s Device Lockdown with Web Emulator restricts device user to a set of administrator defined authorized applications and websites, with password authentication.

  8. MobiControl Architecture

  9. Features – Integrated Remote Control / Helpdesk Toolset 1 • File Explorer: Remote access to device’s file system and OTA file transfer • Ability to search sub-folders and view system files. • Registry Editor: Import, export, edit, search device’s registry and clone registry settings for mass provisioning.

  10. Features – Integrated Remote Control / Helpdesk Toolset 2 • Task Manager: Remote access to processes running on the device • Ability to view process details and kill a process • Remote DOS Box: Command prompt interface for scripting and testing • Command set for manipulating device’s file system, registry and processes.

  11. Features – Integrated Remote Control / Helpdesk Toolset 3 • Device Notes: Ability to attach notes to a device. • Administrators can view and share history of problems on a device. • Helpdesk staff can keep track of resolution of problems by creating “Helpdesk Ticket”.

  12. Features – Integrated Remote Control / Helpdesk Toolset 4 • System Info Tool: Displays device info including ESN/IMEI, Memory and Battery data as well as Custom Data • Screen Capture: Take a snapshot of the device display • Video Record: Record a video clip to capture user’s interaction with device for training and support • Macro Record/Play: Automate repetitive tasks by using macros • Remote Reset / Wipe: Ability to do a soft or hard reset and a remote wipe using DOS Box or scripts.

  13. Features – Automation & Efficiency 1 • Automatic Discovery & Configuration • Devices automatically added to system and provisioned • Manual configuration eliminated with rules based configuration • Drag-and-drop re-provisioning of devices when moved from one group to another • Automatic Settings Cloning • Clone settings from one device to other (e.g. WiFi, Power Management, Scanner settings) • Automatic Software / Data Distribution • Push software/data to devices immediately or at a scheduled time. • Track software delivery status for devices • Package based OTA deployment of CAB files, registry settings, data files and scripts

  14. Features – Automation & Efficiency 2 • Automatic File Synchronization • Rules based OTA synchronization of files between servers and devices • Automatic Tracking / Reporting • Customizable reporting tools show status of software / data distribution • Detailed reports about the state of the system including software / data inventories • Automatic Software / Data Recovery • Automatic recovery of software /data on mobile devices after a battery failure or hard reset

  15. Features – Security • Protocol Security • Use standard protocol encryption or SSL (TLS) protocol security • Certificates based authentication and encryption of all communication with mobile devices • Device Side Scriptable Events / Security Policies • Execute device side scripts in response to events like password authentication, failure to contact the server for a specified time. • Out of Contact Device Security • Security scripts to lock, reset or wipe the device or execute other scripts or launch custom applications in response to device not contacting the server for a specified time interval.

  16. Features – Added Value & Productivity • Support for diverse network topologies • Access devices over ActiveSync, WiFi, Cellular data networks (GPRS, EVDO, 3G, etc.) • Device Lockdown with Web Emulator • Limits user access to applications and websites authorized by administrator • Support of all Windows Mobile devices • Support Consumer, Enterprise, Commercial devices • Active Directory Integration for Security • Integrates with Active Directory & Windows Security to implement user & group level permissions for limiting access to MobiControl • Lowest-Priced, All-inclusive Solution • No extra plugins, add-ons, hidden costs! Everything included for one low price!

  17. Reaching Clients Across ALL Market Verticals Retail Food Distribution Industry Manufacturing Technology Healthcare Distribution Transportation Logistics


  19. Next Steps… • Free Trial version of MobiControl available for download at www.soti.net • For product information, please contact: Sales, SOTI Inc. Email: sales@soti.net Tel: (905) 624-9828 or 1-888-624-9828

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