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World of Petrol PowerPoint Presentation
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World of Petrol

World of Petrol

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World of Petrol

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  1. World of Petrol Petrol Exhibitions International Exhibition in Sharjah Sharjah Old Cars Museum and Club

  2. 2009 we started our exhibition in Sharjah Old Cars Club and Museum This exhibition is one of a kind and a selection of gas station exhibits beginning in the year 1885. You can see here collectors' pieces of historical interest according to filling station history in various sizes and variants: petrol pumps, oil cabinets, oil cans, oil pump trolleys, metal signs, pictures, wall hangings, storage boxes, merchandising articles: cups, ashtrays, etc.). From that period also dates back the here exhibited Nostalgic colonial goods and convenience store.

  3. All the content, data and information published in this exhibition have been researched to the best of our knowledge and abilities without legal claim.

  4. The introduction of the "Rollfix” facilitated the transport of oil and petrol barrels. Take a look at the manufacturer's plate with the year of manufacture. This is a mobile petrol station.

  5. Standard Oil station approx. 1930s .

  6. Fantastically exquisite variant of a MOBIL oil pump trolley. Lovingly restored approx. 1926

  7. Lubricant cabinet for oil canister, cans and filling bottles Germany 1930

  8. Mobil, one of the first Oil companies (founded around 1866) has sold oil and was also owner of an international gas station net. In 1930s in Switzerland and Austria Mobil took over the oil company named SPHINX. This variety has been lovingly restored. Original photographs have been used as the pattern.

  9. BIG BEN is the name of this great gas pump. Germany 1927 It is one of three varieties. DUOLIN was the name of the first Petrol product with additives of the Standard Oil Company in Germany.

  10. Standard gas pump approx. 1930s .

  11. Oil cabinet Standard Oil Company 1930s The brandname was international Essolub. This in Germany produced type of oil cabinet was robustly built. So that some of them are still in function.

  12. Only known remaining variety of a brake testing stand USA 1936 Using a metal strip and pneumatic system the brakes have been tested. The metal balls in glass pipes have been lifted up by the air pressure and show the performances of the brakes defined above their operation.

  13. Petroleum filling automat in original condition and fully functional from Czechia approx. 1885 Only known remaining variety. The use of petroleum lamps was reason because the sales figures grow very fast. In the same period Carl Benz invented the automobile. Petrol was a waste (by-) product in the production of petroleum for lamps and was normally burned as waste because no one new alternatives.

  14. Fantastically exquisite variant of a SHELL oil pump trolley. Lovingly restored approx. 1930