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Which do you prefer? PowerPoint Presentation
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Which do you prefer?

Which do you prefer?

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Which do you prefer?

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  1. ・You are poor, so you can’t buy anything you want. But you have a lot of friends and you are loved by everyone. ・You are rich, so you can buy anything you want. But you are always alone. Which do you prefer?

  2. ・if wehave a lot of money we may feel arrogant but it leads to loneliness. ・Money can’t buy love and happiness. ・If we are not happy, our money is no use. ・Only love can leave fragrant memories as we get older.

  3. ・I think love is nothing more than a stupidity ・Money is so much better. love is a little boring ・We can’t anything without money. ・Money is necessary for life.

  4. ・Money and love with each other can make you successful. They just like two hands. ・If you have no money but a lot of friends then you are happy, but if you have money, I think people will become your friend automatically.

  5. Both love and money are worse than each other because love starts with a smile then with a kiss and ends with a tear, while money makes lots of problems, and these are not the thing that will make you happy.

  6. Both are very important in our lives!! and‥‥ We should control the balance!! But it’s difficult‥‥