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kuala lipis walking tour PowerPoint Presentation
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kuala lipis walking tour

kuala lipis walking tour

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kuala lipis walking tour

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  1. Joha Rahman Kuala LipisWalking Tour

  2. Best place to start the walking tour is from the railway station. Visitors for hundred of years came to Kuala Lipis by rail

  3. The entrance to the railway. Simple building remind of the past.

  4. The train still run, but it is of lesser importance compared to what it was before.

  5. As you come out of the railway station, you can see a flight of stairs leading down to Jelai Street. The second street of Kuala Lipis

  6. Then you can take the left turn on the Main Street. The buildings were mostly built in late 1800.

  7. The old mosque, used to be the state mosque on your left. You can see the water tank, they used to put fishes in it.

  8. Then you will meet the Jelai Street, next to the river Jelai. There was the floating restaurant years ago. It is no longer there.

  9. It is now empty. The river bank is strengthen to prevent erosion.

  10. You can see the new bridge connecting to the controversial new town. The growth that divide the town

  11. Shops were built in what used to be the central market. Most of them empty

  12. The new bus station. It has a nice name, but the distant from the rail and other facilities causing difficulties for peoples.

  13. New and beautiful market.

  14. The nursing home, the original building built by the British. Still in use today.

  15. The District hospital, new wing is being added to meet the demands.

  16. The front of Pahang Club. During the colonial days, the club was for the rich and famous only

  17. The English Heritage left by the colonial past. It is now the district administrative office. Viewed from the road

  18. The district administrative office viewed from the sky. The winding road to reach the top and part of the hostel for Clifford School at the bottom

  19. We come to the end of the road.. Its is time to say good bye and thank you..

  20. The Resource Kuala Lipis Walking Tour The author had work with an international airline for more than 35 years, the last 10 years in Training and development.