transforming it with bi and your platform imperatives n.
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Transforming IT with BI and Your Platform Imperatives PowerPoint Presentation
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Transforming IT with BI and Your Platform Imperatives

Transforming IT with BI and Your Platform Imperatives

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Transforming IT with BI and Your Platform Imperatives

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  1. Transforming IT with BIand Your Platform Imperatives Rafal Lukawiecki Strategic Consultant Project Botticelli Ltd @rafaldotnet

  2. Register on! • New video training: Introduction to SQL Server 2012 Business Intelligence+ offer (until 30 April 2012 only): Get 10% of 1 or 3 month Full Access Membership: SVERIGE2012TIO Get 20% off 1 year Full Access Membership: SVERIGE2012TJUGO • PPTs (free registration required): • Article for This Seminar (free): • Contact with Rafal: @RafalDotNet

  3. IT is Struggling for Business Relevance How Business Views IT 57% 51% 60%of firms still view IT as supplier of serviceor cost center Supplier of service 38% Value adding partner 24% 19% 9% Cost center 2% 0% No answer 2009 2010 Source: Deloitte, CIO Survey 2010

  4. IT Needs to Help Businesses Run, Grow, and Transform IT Portfolio Spending 66% 20% 14% Transform Introduce new products and services Grow Improve existing products and services Run Sustain existing products and services The Business Challenge Source: Gartner 2011 IT Metrics Spending and Staffing Survey

  5. IT Metrics Should Vary with Business Context IT Success Metrics competitive advantage technology adoption Improve time to market Reduce total cost of ownership Increase return on investment time Transform Introduce new products and services Run Sustain existing products and services Grow Improve existing products and services THE BRIDGE IT BUSINESS

  6. RUN

  7. Run at Great Price-Performance Best TPC-C Price-Performance Ratios ($/tpmC) Price-Performancehasimproved by30Xin 10 years Source: Transaction Processing Council, TPC-C Price Performance Benchmarks 2001 – 2010

  8. GROW


  10. Grow with Better Business Intelligence for Users… Meaningfulbusinessintelligence eludes most knowledge workers 30% HAVE ACCESS 70% DON’T HAVE ACCESS Access to Business Intelligence

  11. …and Better Development for Developers Business demand outpaces ability of developerstodeliverapplications 60 60 60 40 40 40 Market Conditions 20 20 20 0 0 0 -20 -20 -20 -40 -40 -40 Business Requirements Application Delivery

  12. … and Integrating Relationship Management Into Decision Making


  14. A Platform for “Transform” Provides Agility… ❝No-regret moves that will pay off whatever happens, and real options that involve relatively low costs now but can be elevated to a higher level of commitment as conditions change❞ 70% Flexibility 59% Understanding Our Advantage 59% Resource Reallocation 56% Market Segmentation 55% Exploring All Alternatives Agilityis the #1element of corporate strategy 54% Belief in Basic Assumptions 53% Relative Advantage 52% Future Market Conditions 46% Planning for Uncertainties 33% Data-Driven Insights % of respondents indicating their firms strategy is based on… Source: McKinsey Global Survey Results, Putting Strategy to the Test

  15. To Harness The Cloud… As aservice Shared Self-Service Scalable Metered Vendor Runs= Public Cloud SaaS PaaS You Run = Private Cloud IaaS Cloud computing provides a wide range of options fornew business models

  16. Fabege Business Intelligence (FBI) Challenge: Introducing Ad-hoc Reporting and Performance Management capabilities to today’s Enterprise Data Warehouse Solution: SharePoint BI portal providing Self-Service Analysis through Dashboarding and Reporting Results Improved enterprise wide Performance Management providing insight based on actionable KPI:s grouped into scorecards where comparing performance with goals.

  17. Fabege Business Intelligence

  18. … Transform Business with Big Data PREPARING INTERPRETING velocity volume Data Big Data variety complexity Interpreting Big Datawill lead tonew markets, products, and services

  19. Today’s Big Data, Tomorrow’s Little DataComplexity vs. Our Capabilities are The Limiting Factor FAA International Flight Service Station, Honolulu, Hawaii, 1964 (Public Domain Image)

  20. Power View New, yet Familiar Visualization and Collaboration Paradigms demo

  21. Volvo Car Corporation SQL Server 2012 BI video

  22. Volvo Car Corporation • BI solution boosts operational efficiencyand reduces costs • Power View and SQL Server 2012 Analysis Services enable self-service BI for every engineer • Replaced spreadmarts of data manually extracted from mainframes

  23. Platform to Run, Grow, andTransform Your Business TRANSFORM GROW RUN AGILITY FOR THE FUTURE PEACE OF MIND AT THE RIGHT PRICE PRODUCTIVITY FOR ALL You Need Familiar BI & Development Platform with new Appliances Innovative Cloud Solutions and Data Visualization tools Easy to manage Database andServer software Microsoft Provides

  24. Thank