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Software Assurance Training Vouchers Understood

Software Assurance Training Vouchers Understood. Kyle Mroz , Corporate Learning Director, Netcom Learning Kristine Schaefer, Partner Sales Executive, Microsoft. Netcom Learning Webinar Series. Agenda. Netcom Learning What is Software Assurance? Putting Software Assurance to work

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Software Assurance Training Vouchers Understood

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  1. Software Assurance Training Vouchers Understood Kyle Mroz, Corporate Learning Director, Netcom Learning Kristine Schaefer, Partner Sales Executive, Microsoft Netcom Learning Webinar Series

  2. Agenda • Netcom Learning • What is Software Assurance? • Putting Software Assurance to work • What are the Software Assurance Training Benefits? • What is the SA Training Voucher benefit? • What training vouchers do for SA customers • How SATV works • How SA Customers earn TV days • Technical Training • Demonstration Sessions • Questions • Who delivers SATV trainings? • How to get started using SATV • The SA Training Voucher life cycle

  3. About NetCom Learning • Innovative leader in IT, business and executive training to companies, individuals, and government agencies. • Dedicated to promoting the values of lifelong learning. • Trained over 80% of the Fortune 100 and helped advanced the skills of more than 71,000 professionals. • NetCom Learning's efforts at offering a customer-driven culture have resulted in building a trust factor that includes high instructor evaluations getting an 8.6 out of the 9 average. • Love of Learning: 1 class enrollment = 1 year of education for a child www.netcomlearning.com

  4. LearningSolutions Classroom or Live Online Training www.netcomlearning.com

  5. Microsoft at NetCom Microsoft Technical | Microsoft Applications | Microsoft Dynamics • Microsoft training at NetCom Learning is ideal for advancing your skills in the latest Microsoft technologies and preparing for Microsoft certification exams. • Microsoft Gold Certified Partner for Learning Solutions (CPLS). • Every Microsoft training course follows the Microsoft Official Curriculum (MOC) and is taught by an experienced Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT).  www.netcomlearning.com

  6. Volume Licensing SA Training Voucher Benefit Kristine Schaefer Partner Sales Executive, East Region Learning

  7. What is Software Assurance? Software Assurance for Volume Licensing helps boost organizational productivity with 24x7 support, deployment planning services, end-user and technical training, the latest Microsoft software releases, unique technologies, plus support for cloud services adoption, all in one cost-effective program.

  8. Putting Software Assurance to work Plan • Deploy PLAN • Use DEPLOY USE Microsoft Confidential. For internal use only.

  9. Software Assurance Training Benefits Microsoft’s Software Assurance Training Benefits help boost productivity and streamline deployments by providing in-depth technical classroom training for IT professionals and developers, and opportunities to enhance end-user readiness, all designed to ensure effective and efficient deployment, management, support and adoption of new Microsoft software without impacting the Customer’s training budget. Software Assurance Training Vouchers (SATVs) are the means through which valuable instructor led technical and end-user training benefits can be realized by Software Assurance customers. Software Assurance E-Learning benefits are the means through which end-users can utilize self-paced online training.

  10. Who uses SA Training Vouchers ? Boosts Productivity IT Pros & Developers: For Technical Training In-classroom or virtual Delivered by MCT’s with Learning Partner Courses designed by Microsoft experts 1 Training Voucher day = 1 day of training End-Users: For Demonstration Sessions In-classroom or virtual Designed to support end-user readiness and adoption Delivered in a group setting, can be customized to Customer’s readiness needs 1 Training Voucher day = 1 Demonstration Session, minimum of 4 sessions per engagement Cost Effective Streamlines Deployment

  11. What Training Vouchers do for SA Customers Boosts Productivity • Provide in-depth IT technical training on the latest technologies • Ensure IT staff readiness and keep them current on how to deploy, manage and support Microsoft technologies • Increase end-user acceptance and readiness • IT Training is included in your SA coverage • Your training costs are more predictable, no budget impact • Provides a cost effective way to continually enhance your IT staff’s skills Cost Effective Streamlines Deployments • Increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your new technology deployments • Get training that can directly support your deployment plans • Reduce end-user readiness blockers • SATV Learning Partners can help you plan the most effective use of your SA Training benefit to support your deployment plans

  12. How SATV Works

  13. How SA Customers earn TV days Your Benefit Eligibility & Activation • As a SA Customer, you receive a set number of “training days” based on the amount of qualifying Microsoft Office and/or Windows software licenses that are covered under your Software Assurance. • You can visit Microsoft’s Volume Licensing Service Center (“VLSC”) to access the most accurate statement of your Software Assurance benefits. • Your SA Benefits Manager must log into VLSC to activateyour SATV benefit. The benefit only has to be activated one time, and the entire number of training days allotted to your organization will be activated for use during the agreement period. • For most current program rules and eligibility, consult the Microsoft Product List. Microsoft Confidential. For internal use only.

  14. Technical Training For IT Professionals and Developers In-classroom or virtual training modalities Delivered by MCTs with a Learning Partner 1 Training Day = 1 Day of Classroom Training In-depth technical courses designed by Microsoft experts Microsoft Confidential. For internal use only.

  15. Demonstration Sessions End-User Training Eligible under the SATV Benefit (New in FY13) Demonstration Sessions are Trainer-led live or virtual demonstration and overview of Microsoft technologies and their features, designed for large groups of your end user students, and are 45-60 minutes in length. Private, customizable group training sessions Supports successful deployments with targeted end-user readiness and adoption Enables early exposure for end-users through short, repeatable demo sessions Reduces training costs related to end user readiness 1 Demonstration Session Engagement = no less than 4 Sessions 1 Demo Session = 1 SATV Training Day (covers a group of students) • Productivity gains with increased familiarity with the technology • Reduces end-user frustration • Generates excitement • Customizable format for specific readiness needs • On-site or virtual delivery options to enable large group participation • Decreased help desk support costs after new deployments • Extends training budgets by using existing SA benefit Demonstration Session materials are provided by the Learning Partner Microsoft Confidential. For internal use only.

  16. Who delivers SATV training? • Only Microsoft Partners with an active Learning Competency (“Learning Partners”) Microsoft Learning Partners offer the most comprehensive selection of learning solutions on Microsoft technologies You get Microsoft Official Curriculum, delivered by MCTs with technical and instructional specialization Locate a Learning Partner using the Class Locator tool SATV-eligible courses using the SA & VL Product Catalog (filter Product Type to Classroom) Microsoft Confidential. For internal use only.

  17. How to get started using your SA Training Voucher benefit SA Benefits Manager: Log into VLSC with your Microsoft Account Step 1: Verify Eligibility For your Training Voucher Benefit Step 2: Activate Your Training Voucher Benefit Step 3: Create & Assign Training Vouchers Step 4: Schedule Training with a Microsoft Learning Partner Use the Class Locator tool to find a Learning Partner Review the list of SATV eligible courses in the Course Catalog.

  18. The SA Training Voucher Life Cycle Important Facts to Remember • A Training Voucher has a 180 day life cycle. The voucher will expire 180 days after it is created in VLSC, regardless of whether your Agreement has already expired or not. • Training Vouchers must be created from available training days and used before the end of your Agreement term. Any remaining unused training days at the end of the Agreement term will be forfeited. • Training Vouchers must not be held “on account” for future training after the date of the vouchers’ expiration date. • Training Vouchers can be used only for SATV-eligible courseware.

  19. Resources Learn More About Your SA Training Benefits http://www.microsoft.com/softwareassurance http://www.microsoft.com/learning/en/us/business/software-assurance.aspx

  20. Additional Resources More Helpful Links • Locate a Learning Partner: http://www.microsoft.com/learning/en/us/classlocator.aspx • Find eligible courses for SATV and SA E-Learning: http://www.microsoft.com/learning/sa-vl-catalog/savldefault.aspx • Watch an informative “how-to” video on activating, creating and assigning SA Training vouchers: SA Training Voucher Process Video(Steps 1 & 2) • SATV Guide for Benefits Managers and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): http://www.microsoft.com/learning/en/us/business/software-assurance.aspx#tab3

  21. Questions

  22. Thank you

  23. Microsoft provides this material solely for informational and marketing purposes. Customers should refer to their agreements for a full understanding of their rights and obligations under Microsoft’s Volume Licensing programs. Eligibility for Software Assurance benefits varies by offering and region and is subject to change. The Terms and Conditions of your Volume License Agreement and the Terms and Conditions under which any specific Software Assurance benefits are offered will take precedence in the case of any conflict with the information provided here. For eligibility criteria and current benefit program rules, see the Microsoft Product List.Publication Date: 01282013

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