quilted koala launch party in new york n.
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Quilted Koala Launch Party in New York PowerPoint Presentation
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Quilted Koala Launch Party in New York

Quilted Koala Launch Party in New York

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Quilted Koala Launch Party in New York

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  1. Quilted Koala Launch Party in New York

  2. Quilted Koala launch party in New York with the help of our photo booth rental. Team Photo Booth was privileged to be at the launch party for a fabulous new company for handbags and accessories!

  3. The company is Quilted Koala, which started from a young boys dream of being a part of his family business. He and his wife have now officially opened their own company in New York City and rented the Photo Booth for their event. 

  4. They gave out handbags to all their guests along with food and drinks. Everyone was so nice to work with and accommodating to us. 

  5. It took a little bit to get everyone comfortable with taking photo’s in the booth, but soon enough people were coming back for seconds and thirds! They used the bags as the props, which was so cute and fun to see the poses everyone used with them. 

  6.  We love being a part of such a special moment in this companies launch. From your Wedding Day or Birthday, to the launching of your new business! 

  7. I myself loved their products and made a purchase! Renting a photo booth for your event is quick and easy when you work with us! We wish them the best of luck with their business and expect to see their new company flourish! Make sure to check them out!

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  9. Thank You