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ViewLorium- A boon for movie and TV buffs PowerPoint Presentation
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ViewLorium- A boon for movie and TV buffs

ViewLorium- A boon for movie and TV buffs

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ViewLorium- A boon for movie and TV buffs

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  1. ViewLorium- A boon for movie and TV buffs There is another way to watch free TV and free movies online – that is through a free movie streaming website. While we have free-to-air TV available and most of those television networks have their *catch up TV* style apps – there is still another way to watch free TV shows and movies online – through a free movie streaming website. ViewLorium is a free TV and movie streaming provider, you sign up in a few – very easy steps – name, email address and create your own password, you don’t need a credit card and there are no trial periods –it’s just FREE all the time. If you want to watch free TV series and movies online – an account with ViewLorium allows you to do this. You don’t need to download and install any software, you don’t need to buy any software or clog up your phone or tablet with aps. All content you want to watch; is streamed to your laptop, PC, phone, tablet, computer, smart TV or network capable Blu-Ray player or games console. Thanks to advances in technology we now have so many devices available at our fingertips that allow us to take advantage of streaming technology – this gives us the power to watch what we want when we want! The great thing about free movie streaming sites like ViewLorium is they are completely legal. Unlike torrent sites that *allow* you to download illegally pirated movies and TV shows, all content screened on ViewLorium is legal to watch and as you are not downloading any content you don’t run the risk of your PC being taken over by a nasty virus. Online movie streaming has been around for years and is a live feed of content rather than packets of data that you would receive in/as a download. This means the movie or TV comes to you live and direct from ViewLorium as you are watching it, while you can pause the content you cannot record it. It comes to you much in the same way as live football coverage comes to your TV via a television station. Streaming comes through to your computer just like any normal Internet

  2. traffic does – which means unlike huge packets of data, it comes through in a continuous and uninterrupted stream. With the speed of today’s ISP’s you will receive this content in same way you would receive a TV show through a television network – crystal clear and uninterrupted. Technology for streaming online Movies and Television shows is changing and being upgraded all the time, this is great for the consumers – the lovers of classic b-grade TV – it means ViewLorium will be able to provide great content – and more content to you for free for a long time to come. Presented By ViewLorium