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BE the Change! PowerPoint Presentation
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BE the Change!

BE the Change!

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BE the Change!

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  1. BE the Change! Anti-Bullying Presentation

  2. PINK SHIRT DAY On Wednesday February 29 Encouraged to wear pink to symbolize a school that does not tolerate bullying any longer Started by two Nova Scotia high school students

  3. What is Bullying? 1) It is anaggressive act that is usually repeated 2) The bully has more perceived power (strength, status, size) than the victim who cannot hold his own 3) The hurtful behaviour is not an accident, but intentional. The bully usually seems to enjoy seeing the victim in distress 4) The bully rarely accepts responsibility and often says the victim “deserved” the hurtful treatment.

  4. Bullying Statistics In one Canadian study, 41% of all students in grades 4 to 7 reported that they were victims of bullying and/or bullied others monthly. Bullying happens to someone in Canada every 7 minutes on the playground Other children are watching 85% of the time when one child bullies another child According to a 2004 study in the Journal of Pediatrics, one in seven Canadian children between the ages of 11 and 16 have been bullied 50% of cyberbullying is reported and one in four school students had been bullied online

  5. Who has been victimized by bullying ? Who has been the person who bullies?

  6. What are the different types of bullying? PHYSICAL - hitting, kicking, punching, pushing, etc. THREATS - Purposefully scare/intimidate someone EMBARRASSMENT - tricks or dares VERBAL - Words do hurt EXCLUDING -leaving out CYBER-BULLyING - Internet or texting Stealing -taking something that is not yours

  7. What should you do when you’re being bullied or see someone being bullied? Use stoppers: “That’s bullying me, stop it!” or “You’re trying to get a reaction and it’s not going to work.” Ask for help: empower the person who is being bullied to speak up or seek others to speak together Be assertive: “I won’t take this” (eye contact, strong voice, and stand tall)- take your power back Leave the situation Use I messages: “I feel hurt when you....”

  8. Effects of Bullying Depression Isolation Suicide Anger Lower self esteem Higher absenteeism rate

  9. THINGS TO REMEMBER.... Getting even does not work IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT....The person who bullies has the problem Help others who are being harassed or bullied by speaking out Include everyone Respect other people’s feelings Be assertive and ask for help when you are harassed/bullied Although you may not think it is a big deal the victim does not forget Knowledge is Power

  10. Take a Stand and Lend a Hand!! - Don’t just stand back and watch another being victimized, show support, get help, and represent a united front. We can be the change.... Instead of going out of our way to make someone’s day worse it is easier to try and make someone’s day better”

  11. THE END