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Fitness Scavenger Hunt PowerPoint Presentation
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Fitness Scavenger Hunt

Fitness Scavenger Hunt

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Fitness Scavenger Hunt

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  1. FitnessScavenger Hunt JP Gonzalez and Cathrine Himberg

  2. Rules Your team is required to finish as much of the hunt as possible within the time limit All items are worth different amounts of points, so pick your exercises wisely Your team must stay together at all times Each team member must perform a portion of each exercise activity Game Information Return at 9:55 (late teams disqualified) Mandatory stations must be completed Numbers next to exercise activity determine where each station needs to be performed Scavenger Hunt

  3. Rubric • Level 3 Your team works together as a cohesive unit. Throughout the hunt, you all demonstrate a positive attitude and communicate together to complete each task. Each team member accepts responsibility for their actions and performs to the best of their abilities, continually supporting each other. • Level 2 Your team works together as a cohesive unit. Most of the time your team demonstrates a positive attitude and communicate together, however you may need to be reminded. Each team member accepts responsibility for their actions, but may not push themselves on each task. Your group manages to finish the hunt, but it was not to the best of your abilities. • Level 1 Your team works together, but needs to be reminded to work together. Some members lack the positive attitude necessary to be successful as a whole. Your group has trouble communicating as a team. Your group has problems listening to the instructor and other teammates, which disturbs your group’s chemistry. You finish the hunt, but it was not to the best of your abilities.

  4. Assessment Group Questions: • If you did this hunt again, what two things would your group change ? • According to the rubric, where does your group rank and why? Please explain in three sentences. Individual Questions: • Describe the “FITT Principle” in detail. F: I: T: T: • What Self-Management Skill are you currently focusing on and how have you been working to accomplish this?

  5. What’s the Point? • Non-Traditional way to teach fitness, fitness concepts and self-management skills • Alternate to traditional fitness days • Lack creativity • Direct Instruction • Creates positive environment for healthy competition • Gives students the freedom to choose

  6. Learning Outcomes • Fitnessgram • Increases familiarity with each test • Self-Management Skills • Allows students to learn self-management skills through stations • Creates real life learning opportunities • Time Management • Goal Setting • Improve Self-Perceptions • Building Self-Confidence

  7. Learning Outcomes • Social Responsibility • Allows opportunity for students to guide their own fitness for the day • Accountability • Student Empowerment • Assessments and Rubrics • Team Building • Cooperation • Collaboration • Communication

  8. Units Skill Development Drills Pedometers Heart Rate Monitors Team Ideas Keep teams connected Rope or hula hoops What’s your space look like? Set up stations ahead of time Coordinate with other teachers for space Blacktop Track School Grounds Modifications

  9. Inclusion Ideas • Consult your APE teacher • Modify stations appropriately • Brockport • Be Creative

  10. Additional Info. • To find more information about the Fitness Hunt please visit our website: