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“ Nuwara Osu ” PowerPoint Presentation
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“ Nuwara Osu ”

“ Nuwara Osu ”

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“ Nuwara Osu ”

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  1. “NuwaraOsu” The Kandy Ayurvedic Pharmacy Ltd located in the centre of the historic city of Kandy situated in the central hills of Sri Lanka. Came in to being way back in 1942 with the sole objective of preserving the most ancient healing system of Ayurveda In Sri Lanka. This institution was established by a team of veteran Ayurvedic Physicians in the Island.

  2. Vision and Mission Our vision is to manufacture Ayurvedic and herbal products preserving and respecting the most traditional system of Ayurveda and supply quality products to the market for a reasonable prize. We have a great responsibility utilize this valuable property in an environment friendly manner.

  3. Quality Policy We are committed to produce high quality ayurvedic and Herbal products in a hygienically sound environment to meet the needs and wants to our valuable customers. We are committed to develop our employees to create a quality working environment. Every medicine is manufactured strictly according to the injunction of a Ayurvedic pharmacopoeia in Sri Lanka. We are committed to practice ISO 9001-2008 as our model to achieve the panned results with continual improvement.

  4. Secret of the Natural Herbal Medicines Natural Herbal Medicines are the oldest and fullest therapeutic system in the world that goes back to over 4000 years in to the history of Vedic civilization of India, Sri Lanka and almost all over the world. It has since then, been the most significant therapeutic system in most part of the world and these system has been recorded as a successful cure for most common and chronic of the humankind. `

  5. Demand for Herbal Products • Market research has revealed that is a rapid growing market all over the world for Natural based Herbal Products such as • Herbal medicines [Neutraceuticals] (Instant Peyawa, Herbal Balm, • Medications for longevity, products which has aphrodisiac • properties, etc) • Cosmaceuticals (Herbal Shampoos, Herbal Bath Oils, Herbal Tooth • Powders, Pastes & Gels, Mouth Wash, Herbal Baby Care products • etc.) • Herbal Beauty care products, Natural food flavousr, Fragrance, • and food colorings(Oleroesin & essential oils), and Dehydrated • Food and Fruits. • However current supply of unadulterated Natural Herbal Products for quality conscious customer is not adequate to meet growing potential.

  6. Overall Profile of NuwaraOsu

  7. Company Profile As an institution set up for the purpose of manufacturer and distribution of Ayurvedic Products, and registered under the department of Ayurveda. It has won a great reputations among Aurvedic Practitioners as well as both the local and foreign communities.The establishments with its sixty years of history manufactures 250 different varieties of Ayurvedic and Herbal products and they are Known as “NuwaraOsu”

  8. Profile Cont’d Technical Feasibility and Quality Management System Extraction Methodology of herbal ingredients and manufacturing of herbal products according to widely accepted standards is highly technical oriented process that needs sophisticated equipments and technical expertise. Medicines are produced here with the help of traditional techniques and under the meticulously careful supervision of team of well qualified experienced physicians.

  9. Profile Cont’d Among the pharmaceutical products of the company are found Arista, Asawa, Kwatha (Herbal Tonic), Herbal Wine, Syrup, Medicinal Oils, Pills, Powder, Balm, Tablets, Capsules and Arka.

  10. Co Founder

  11. Board of Directors Chairperson Ayur.Dr.Manjula Kulupana(Sarvanga • Ayur.Dr.ven.MahaelagamuweLankananda Ayur.Dr.M.M.W.Bandara(B.A.M.S.) Mr.T.Gamini Silva Mr.H.M.U.B.Marasinghe Ayur.Dr.B.A.M.R.K.K.Athauda (DSAC Hon),MACF

  12. Location The main office is Located in YatinuwaraVeediya, Kandy . The factory is located at Peradeniyaroad. The Sales Division & Stores is located at Kundasale. .

  13. Factory

  14. Main Office

  15. Employee Details Company has more than 100 employees and among them there are several well trained ayurvedic doctors and they are always providing necessary ayurvedicproducts.


  17. AswagandaRasayanaya This herbal medicine which is prepared according to very special herbal prescription using the most traditional Ayurvedicmethods and under the careful supervision of team of well qualified and experienced physicians.

  18. Body Cooling Tea This herbal medicine which is used feel the body and mind, cold lightness

  19. SidharthaThaillaya This herbal medicine which is prepared according to very special herbal prescription using the most traditional Ayurvedicmethods and under the careful supervision of team of well qualified and experienced.

  20. Medanashani (Excess Fat Reducer) This herbal medicine which is used Reduces blood cholesterol, arteriosclerosis, stimulates heart and it functions. Reduces Excess fat in the body and obesity. Keeps the body slim and active.

  21. Herbal Wine (DasamoolaArista) This herbal wine which is prepared according to a very special herbal prescription using the most traditional ayurvedic methods being fermented in wooden vats. For a period of 45 years.

  22. Pas Panguwa-Instant Peyawa "Pas Panguwa" is a concentrated water soluble preparation of  medicinal plants based on an ancient traditional remedy known in ayurvreda as "Peyawa" Take one sachet of "Pas Panguwa" dissolve in a cup of hot water(50ml). .

  23. NirgundiyadiThailaya This herbal medicine which is prepared according to very special herbal prescription using the most traditional ayurvedicmethods and under the careful supervision of team of well qualified and experience physicians.

  24. Herbal Wine (AswagandaArista) This herbal wine its great value being prepared according to a special prescription. Following the ancient and the most traditional ayurvedic methods. Fermented in specially selected wooden vats for a period of 45 days.

  25. PindaThailaya This herbal medicine which is used Burning sensation of the skin, dryness of skin, eczema, sun burn inflammation of the skin, prescribe for all skin diseases specially to be applied on the skin cracks of the foot due to excess of body heat.

  26. CAD MahaNarayanaThailaya This herbal medicine which is used paralysis of both sides facial paralysis, rheumatic pain, muscular pain, severe pain in joints. Can be used as a general body massaging oil. Prescribed as a head massaging oil for epileptic patients.

  27. NeelayadiThailaya This herbal medicine which is used visual disturbances, double vision, falling of hair, gray hairingyoung age, migraine, catarrh and bleeding from the nose.

  28. ShanthiLepa This herbal medicine which is used relieves muscular aches and pains, sprains, backaches, tonsils, sinusitis and migraine, headaches, stiffness of joints, toothaches, cold and flu, rheumatic pains, bruises and abrasions.

  29. Facial Pack This herbal medicine which is used get your face splendid delightful and soft, can be use pimple.

  30. Mouth Wash This herbal medicine which is used mouth ulcers, irritated gums, bleeding gums, decay of tooth, bad ochrcan be control, pus cells with gums, stimeilatechule.