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BOE/BME – MDT: DCS PowerPoint Presentation
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  1. BOE/BME – MDT: DCS • For the 2 BOE, DCS needs to handle • 2 x 2 HV (1 ch/multilayer) • 2x LV • 2x JTAG, associated 2 MDMs/ELMBs • Monitoring of T, B and CSM sensors Standard MDT chamber, at least in pirnciple „straight forward“ • For the 2 BME, DCS needs to handle • 2 x 2 HV (1 ch/multilayer) • 2 x 2 LV --- each chamber has 2 CSMs due to the large number of tubes • 2 x 2 JTAG, associated 2 x 2 ELMBs • Monitoring of T, B and CSM sensors • Needed additional hardware and connectivity – very preliminary • BOE: LV needs additional board, need to check available slots in crates ,no adding of things without involving us, HV may be ok using spare channels on exisiting boards • BME: LV may be ok using spare channels (BML*13 boards), HV may be ok using spare channels on exisiting boards • MDMs/CanBus: no issue if MDMs are in hand, add to BO_A13-14, BO_C13-14, BM_A13-14, BM_C13-14 chains

  2. BOE/BME – MDT: DCS • Integration into DCS software – Main work • Adding additional devices: HV chans, LV chans, LV/HV boards, MDMs, ... • Adding additional chamber objects • If LV/HV boards are added to the system, probably will need to rebuild the „address space“ for the CAEN communication --- will destroy also all alerts, archiving, etc. settings, to be re-configured – tested during PS DCS project upgrade by Kostas, Nikos etc. • Adding BOE/BME to valid chamber objects --- need to find all such checks in all code • Adding BOE/BME to panels showing a graphical representation of the detector – many different displays which will have to be modified one by one Complication – BME representation in the FSM (and elsewhere) • FSM state logic • conditions stored to COOL (JTAG and LV state) NEW Chamber ChamberA ChamberB BME HV1 HV1 HV1 HV1 HV2 LV (HV2) HV2 LV1 LV LV Effective MDT1 Effective MDT2 LV2 (*) effective MDT (CSM) effective MDT (CSM) effective MDT1 Exisiting ... effective MDT2

  3. BME – „RPC MDT“ (RPC strips readout via a MDT mezz + CSM) • If RPC secondary readout is via MDT mezz and CSM, assume configuration (JTAG init) has to be provided by MDT DCS  • Hard requirements: • If JTAG is part of MDT DCS, also CSM LV must be part of MDT and not RPC(not a problem) • If JTAG is part of MDT DCS, there will be no connection to the JTAG information, commands, state etc. from the RPC DCS projects. --- this is mandated by Local Control Stations layer of MDT DCS projects for stability/performance reasons being isolated • (*) JTAG command access will be provided to the muon shifter via the Muon global UI – but not to RPC experts (consequence of the FSM access control scheme) – is this acceptable ? • If any conditions data on the RPC „MDT“ needs to be stored from DCS to COOL, it will go to the MDT folder and not RPC – is this acceptable ?

  4. BME – „RPC MDT“ -- DCS considerations BA or BC MDT ROD Crate „MDT readout“ MROD MROD MROD BUSY TIM SBC MDT TTC DCS OK RPC CSM Event data: MDT detector ID MDT ROS Init DCS Drop recovery „standalone a la sMDT“ DCS OK MROD TIM SBC ExtraTTC • No dropped chamber recovery • Need to ensure conf DB distinguishes proper MDT MRODs/chambers from RPC RPC CSM ?? Init Standalone partition DCS „new subdet in ATLAS“ MROD BUSY TIM SBC ExtraTTC Event data: New detector ID RPC CSM ExtraTTC DCS: Some issues Init ATLAS partition ??? DCS • ATLAS run can hang/block for something requiring MDT DCS actions (SBC reboot) • No dropped chamber recovery, removal handling ? From RC point big concerns of this scheme

  5. BME – „RPC MDT“ -- DCS considerations „Readout in ATLAS using MDT crate“ RPC TTC MDT TTC MROD MROD MROD BUSY TIM SBC RPC CSM Event data: MDT detector ID MDT ROS Init RPC ROS Event data: RPC or separate detector ID DCS extra ROS Drop recovery, Crate Ctrl. Crate monitoring Very problematic • Very complex interleaved scheme: • JTAG init fails if RPC TTC (clock) not there ... • SBC reboot via Sys Reset is a DCS action --- mixing RPC and MDT on the same device brings down the other partition as well • ...

  6. BME – „RPC MDT“ • A final comment: • Any solution (other than the fully standalone „a la sMDT in 2012“ solution and possibly the solution of treating the RPC CSM as a MDT in the normal MDT data flow) will require committment also of from RPC DAQ for it • Message treatment • Shifter assistant • Stopless removal monitoring, Busy source monitoring • If involving a RPC or extra ROS in the ATLAS partition: on call, follow up, ...